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Personal Training with Li Si Yang

60 minute session $200
5 session pack $900

Age is not the enemy or the reason you are tired, in pain, or looking and feeling older than your age. Learn how you can take control of your body and health by re-setting, reconnecting, and rebuilding the ideal body you know you are meant to live in.


Li Si specializes in posture and corrective movements for better daily living. By improving posture, flexibility and connecting with our core, we can look, feel and move better and gain the knowledge to lead a strong, healthy and pain-free lifestyle.

Li Si Yang

Li Si Yang is the founder of Journey to Fitness. She is also the Co-Inventor of the Fitness Cue® and creator of the Fitness Pyramid©.

With 20 years of experience in health and wellness, Li Si is a self-care and posture transformation coach specializing in body renovation.

Her mission is to teach, repair and restore the body to perform at its very best. Her method help bridge the gap between the fitness and medical industry to alleviate, eliminate, and/or prevent chronic aches and pain for a better quality of life and daily living.

Her teaching enhances student awareness and she has the ability to simplify and solve complex questions and problems regarding clients’ health and fitness goals through multiple angles and methods. Her guidance will help you to look, feel and move instantly better.

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