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In-person & online

Mondays @ 9:15 – 10:15 am
July 8 – July 29 , 2024


Begin your Mondays at the barre with whole body movement for mobility and stability – a limited-time summer offering!

We start with gentle moves on the floor to enhance range of motion, creating space in the joints. Feldenkrais principles of attunement to body sensation, as well as Pilates’ lengthening muscles along the bones, underlie some of our work.

We progress to standing movements at the barre – or chair, table or counter if you’re joining us from home. Strengthen both your lower and upper body, connecting through the spine. Gain heightened awareness of body alignment. We work in basic ballet training. We thank our feet with a good foot rollout with tennis ball or MELT ball. End with a relaxing restoration on the floor.

Leave the Barre feeling energized and ready to start your week!

Suggested items for at-home students:

Stable chair/table/counter
Yoga mat or carpet
Tennis/MELT ball

Jody Morse

Jody’s students leave sessions feeling equally calmed and invigorated, alert but at peace, and grounded yet flying high. You’ll feel supported by her care and encouragement, and more skilled than when you entered class.

Connection is Jodie’s Why. For Jody, the past three decades worth of dancing – on the ground and in the air – have proven to be a great vehicle for self-connection and discovery, as well as wonderful relationships with others. In her classes, Jodie encourages students to engage in self-exploration while also meeting and connecting with their fellow movers, dancers, meditators, and flyers. 

A long-time lover of all things anatomy, kinesiology, and somatic sensation, Jody has Riverdanced across Europe, ‘flown’ over stages for an international opera company, professionally danced aboard a cruise ship, and taught Pilates and guided meditation classes in six countries on three continents. Her experience in dance and aerial arts goes back for decades.

With a deep desire to help people heal and grow, Jody aims for you – her student – to get to know the self, the body, the mind, and the heart through your journey with movement and stillness.

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