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6 –Weeks of Meditating and Dreaming With Trees, Under Trees, Near Trees and Of Trees

Sundays, 8:00 – 9:00 am HST
Nov 7 to Dec 19, 2021 (break on Nov 28, 2021)


Note: You may join in for this practice at any point in the series. All experience levels are welcome! You can experience these meditations either indoors or outdoors via zoom.

 In a way you have never done before, enter into a beautiful forest that is all around you, with our Mindfulness Tree Meditation series. We connect deeply with our non-human friends, drawing from the wisdom of trees in this nature-based practice. Settling into our autumn season of meditation, this practice helps us stay grounded, relaxed and peaceful as we move toward the Winter Solstice and the most internal time of reflection in our yearly cycle.

For the first few sessions of Mindfulness Tree Meditation, we spend time visualizing and connecting with trees, initially at the individual tree level, then at the grove level, and then move on to forests and mountains. Each week we deepen the practice as we enter into the deep green beyond – the shimmering green life energy – until we sit at the foot of the Tree of Life, connecting with the universal tree energy of all beings.

In our last three sessions, you have the chance to be guided in a short form of meditation commonly practiced in Forest Bathing, drawing from the Japanese Tradition of Shinrin Yoku (森林浴).

In Forest Bathing, we receive the nourishing, healing and restoring energies of the forest and learn to connect with the more than human world. You will have the option of participating from your home or perhaps even wandering outside in your garden or in a local forest.

In our Forest Bathing sessions you have the chance to practice walking meditation and an invitation to meet many of the local flora and fauna here in Hawaii, as well as the local flora and fauna of wherever you may be.

We will bath in the essence of the forest at a personal sit spot of your choice if you choose to take the practice outdoors, and we may even explore some cross-species communication if you are up for it.

For our final session together we will share in a Wild Tea Ceremony experience designed to celebrate the Winter Solstice, as we ease our way into the winter months with the help of these wise teachers and guides, the trees!

So, join us for a journey into the sunny or shaded green forest, drinking it in and receiving deep relaxation as you learn simple practices that you can do on your own any time.

Mindfulness Tree Meditation Schedule

 Week 1: Tree, Grove and Forest Meditation

Week 2: Into the Deep Green and Beyond

Week 3: The Tree of Life

Week 4: Virtual Forest Bathing Short Form Meditation I

Week 5: Virtual Forest Bathing Short Form Meditation II

Week 6: Virtual Forest Bathing Solstice Wild Tea Ceremony

Miku Lenentine

Miku is deeply passionate about living in harmony with the self, others and all beings. She truly believes that each one of us contains the seeds of wisdom for the universe and the true purpose of being a teacher is to help guide each person to access the wisdom they already hold within themselves.

An experienced meditation practitioner and circle facilitator, Miku was raised in a mindfulness tradition and has trained with Dr. Eric Carroll at the Center for Vibrant Living for the past 10 years. She has guided weekly meditation, movement, and community dialogue circles since 2013 and facilitated a number of workshops in the greater Seattle area over the years most recently including Soulshine, Songaia, and Star Community. She has also presented mindfulness, yoga, and movement offerings at festivals and gatherings such as Beloved, Flowstate and the Northwest Permaculture Convergence.

Miku is delighted to have moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, which she finds strangely similar to her birthplace, Alaska.

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