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TAI JI MEETS YOGA: Tao of Aloha Symposium

February 14, 2014, @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm HST

February 14, 2014 

2:00-4:00 pm (HST)

Price: $4-$75

with  Chungliang Al Huang, Tai Ji Master & UH Professor Ramdas Lamb

This workshop could have been named ‘Movement Meets Meditation in China and India’. If you could imagine two existing practices as moving meditations, would they not include Tai Ji and Yoga? Here is your chance to get a glimpse of these two unhurried, intentional movement practices that derive from deep spiritual traditions from the East. Chungliang Huang will present the Taoist practice of Tai Ji (T’ai Chi), with Professor Ramdas Lamb of UH Manoa introducing the Hindu practice of Yoga.

From the Chinese as well as the Indian perspective, each of them will tell us how training the body helps to train our ability to concentrate and hold focus. Following their discussion, demonstrations and fielding of audience questions, Chungliang and Ramdas will invite the audience to FEEL the differences and similarities of the two practices – come prepared to move if you are so inclined!

Dr. Ramdas Lamb


Dr. Ramdas Lamb is devoted to the practice of Yoga and its underlying life-teachings. Currently a professor in the Religious Studies Department at UH Manoa, Ramdas lived as a sadhu (a Hindu monk, holy man) in India 1969-1978 before moving back to the US, marrying and beginning his academic career. He continues to do philanthropic work through the non-profit Sahayog Foundation, which he founded in Chattisgarh, India. Dr. Lamb and his Foundation work for the uplift of the former Untouchables, providing education for impoverished children. After deep personal study of traditional Yoga, from postures to philosophy to meditation, Ramdas now introduces it to college students in academic setting. At the beginning of a recent class, he invited his students to do two weeks of any ascetic practice of their choosing for them to have some experiential grasp of what Yoga is really about. Professor Lamb is a prolific writer with books and articles published world-wide.

Chungliang Huang


Chungliang Huang is the founder-president of the Living Tao Foundation in Oregon, and the International Lan Ting Institute, located in thesacred mountains of China. He steeped himself in world mythology and religion during his 10 years of co-teaching with Joseph Campbell. Historically, as Chinese Taoists embraced the Hindu tradition coming from India, Chinese Ch’an (and eventually Japanese Zen) Buddhism arose. As a Taoist, Confucian and Buddhist — The Three Pillars of Asian Wisdom — philosopher, and the author of many Tao/Zen classics, including Quantum Soup: A Philosophical Entertainment, Chungliang feels perfectly at ease in a world of philosophical diversity. Finding cohesion and benefit in comparing and combining the two practices of Tai Ji and Yoga seems perfectly natural to him.

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February 14, 2014,
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm HST
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