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Working Through Grief to Joy

May 2016

Cynthia has become a favored public speaker, sharing her personal story of how learning Tai Chi helped her go through the debilitating grief of losing her husband and eventually find joy in life again. 

In 2014, Carol Anne Gordon, one of our dear Still & Moving Center students, invited Cynthia to speak at Legacy of Life events for people who have lost loved ones. Cynthia’s talk was so compelling, Legacy of Life asked her to speak to their executive group, where she moved people to tears. 

In April Cynthia gave her 3rd presentation to folks dealing with grief whose loved ones became organ donors. There young people and kupuna up to 98 years old participated in Tai Chi for Better Balance with Cynthia…and loved it!  http://www.kitv.com/clip/12402922/donor-families-embrace-tai-chi

In her presentations, Cynthia speaks of the physical effects that grieving had on her, such as not being able to walk without holding onto the walls. Thanks to Tai Chi, her physical and emotional health improved dramatically. In addition to taking Tai Chi from well-loved teacher Jerry Punzal, Cynthia has progressed to the point where she now teaches her own Tai Chi for Better Balance 3 times a week at Still & Moving Center.

Whenever she gets the jitters before speaking, Cynthia reminds herself that it’s not about her, it’s about sharing a practice that has done her so much good. And she prays before speaking that she will find the right words to touch someone’s life. Evidently she has indeed found those words.

Read a Star Advertiser article about Cynthia here.




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