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Thai Yoga Therapist and Yoga Coach/Teacher/Trainer

Kara is hands down a people person who loves connecting and talking story, even if she technically qualifies as an on-the-cusp “millennial”! She invests her full heart and presence into her students and clients, supporting people towards happier, healthier lives. You can find her at Still & Moving Center teaching Mandala Yoga on Monday mornings at 9:15am. You can also book her as a Yoga and Meditation coach, and now as Thai Yoga Therapist! Our Taking Back Your Health participants also enjoy Kara’s therapy and coaching.

Early this year, deep in the jungles of the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, Kara woke at dawn to the sounds of howler monkeys and cicadas. Step one, post matcha, she headed over to the wooden platform stretching out on the side of the mountain for a morning yoga session. Above the jungle, toucans and red macaws flew overhead. Immersed in this natural setting, Kara completed her Navina Thai Yoga Therapy Principle Certification.

This Thai Yoga Therapy is a unique and effective modality of touch and movement therapy based on four foundational principles: metta bhavana, or, the cultivation of loving kindness intentional stances, which provide the physical framework for the massage, which happens fully clothed, on a comfy floor mat rocking, which encourages the mantra of ‘slowing it down’ quality touch, informed by the understanding of structure and anatomy.

Thai Yoga Therapy provides a personal, nurturing experience for the client’s nervous system while helping to realign the mind and body so it can better heal itself. Drew Hume, the founder of Navina Thai Yoga Therapy, led Kara’s training in Costa Rica, and has given multiple trainings and workshops at Still & Moving Center when he’s visited Oahu!

Thai massage therapy couples perfectly with yoga. A 30 – 60 minute movement practice through yoga asana and breathwork followed by 30 – 60 minutes of super relaxing body work? Sign me up! Kara has a magically healing touch.

Kara Miller

As a yoga teacher and trainer with a professional background working with marginalized communities, Kara emphasizes the karma yoga path which is all about community service and impact. She encourages her yoga students to align with a deeper purpose for the world or humanity; how can we tap into our gifts and use them to make the world a better place?

Kara grew up traveling and living around the tropical Pacific as her parents did nonprofit medical work in the Pacific Islands region. The areas they worked were particularly rich in marine resources and biodiversity, so she learned to deeply understand, respect, explore, utilize, love and embody the ocean and the life it supports from a young age. She learned to swim and snorkel in the ocean practically before she could walk.

This upbringing greatly influenced her career path and throughout her life she has spent time living and working in Fiji, Indonesia, St. John USVI, American Samoa, Palau, Micronesia and the Marshall islands. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Marine Biology and a Masters of Science in Marine resource and environmental management, as well as Certificates in Pacific Island Studies and Ocean Policy from the University of Hawaii.

Kara worked in international fisheries management and policy, marine education and training, and capacity building on small Pacific Islands in various Government capacities for almost 10 years. Finally after realizing she could create greater and more meaningful impact outside of the government she quit the 9-5 grind and started her own consulting company.

Now she has expanded her reach to more areas around wellbeing, working with indigenous at risk youth in the marshall islands as well as women throughout Micronesia on wellness, empowerment, and leadership. When not traveling, Kara resides full time in the lovely country town of Waialua.

Teaching yoga for almost a decade, Kara completed her 500 hours as a Yoga Instructor and has taught yoga throughout Hawaii and internationally, including Indonesia and Pohnpei and Kosrae Islands in Micronesia. She started a yoga in the workplace program at the NOAA Fisheries office in Honolulu that is still running today. She also offers private classes, workshops, 200 hour Teacher Training programs, and she teaches regular Yoga classes and events on the island of Oahu.

Kara has scuba dived since the age of 12, is a PADI certified Dive Master and Naturalist diver, and has logged over 1000 dives from all over the world. She’s an ocean girl at heart and also loves to surf and freedive. When there is no surf you can find her skateboarding with her husband Caleb and dog Shiva.

60 min – $150.00

90 min – $180.00

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