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Contributed by Linda Awana, General Manager

See the funny side of life… your life! Surely you have your senior moments, your sleep-deprived fogs, your brain-dead comments, your I-can’-remember-the-name-you-just-told-me goofs, your blonde bubbles, your embarrassed-myself-silly memories, your I-can’t-believe-I-just-said-that gasps, your hat-hair days, or your OMG-we-have-no-peanutbutter-in-the-house frenzies! Make the most of those!

One of the surest ways to work ourselves up into a ball of worry or a swamp of self-pity is to take ourselves – or anyone else, for that matter – too seriously. Pulling the “Woe is me” routine almost always indicates that we are lacking perspective.

Seeing our troubles as a “First World” problem can help us laugh them off. Or we can simply throw up our hands and belly laugh over the absurdity of our entire situation.

The British actually find humor to be such an important character trait, they question whether someone without it even qualifies as human! Let’s be human, for heaven’s sake, not humorless Neanderthals!

Like any other skill, our sense of humor can be cultivated. It just takes a little imagination, a little willingness to turn up the corners of our mouth, crinkle up our eyes, and let out a chuckle. Then a guffaw, then a throw-ourselves-on-the-floor-and-start-rolling-around-in-mirth fit!

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