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International Yoga Day – All Yoga Events by Donation

June 21, 2018,

June 21, 2018 

9:00am – 8:00 pm (HST)

9:00-10:00 am Core Yoga w Kendra Gillis

10:00-11:00 am Thai Yoga Massage w Shai Segre

11:00-12:15 pm Yin Yoga w Claudia Castor

4:30-5:30 pm Yoga Basics w Lee-Ann Kong

5:45-6:45 pm Vinyasa w Justin Bolle

7:00-8:00 pm Women’s Yoga w Alessandra

Join the yogis and yoginis of the world!


 Come celebrate International Yoga day with your Still & Moving Center teachers and friends!! This event is always on June 21, generally the summer equinox, and was started by Prime Minister of India in 2014.

All of our regular yoga classes for the day are cancelled. Instead we are offering donation-based events, not covered by your membership or class packs. Half the donations will be offered to Ho Ola Na Pua, https://hoolanapua.org/, to benefit young girls and boys in our community victimized by sex trafficking. The other half of your donation be the payment to our wonderful yoga teachers.

Your generous donation will be warmly appreciated.

International Yoga Day Sale, June 21: All yoga wear and equipment 25% off!!


Thai Yoga Massage with Shai Segre

Come get a taste of the classical techniques of a profound system of Thai Yoga massage that emphasizes ease over effort. Focusing on zero-impact for the giver and maximum effect for receiver, we learn how to use gravity, body weight and functional movement to provide as much or as little pressure as needed in each technique to optimally adjust the gesture to the receiver. Rooted in the 3-dosha / 5-element theories of Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, this workshop focuses on the Earth and Water element to create grounding and fluidity in the bodies of both giver and receiver. The practice also includes water-element harmonic techniques often used in osteopathy to lubricate and liberate the spine, as well as release perennially tight muscles, such as the hip flexors and lower back. You will leave with an introduction to easily applicable techniques for helping others with loving kindness and compassionate touch – as well as with the euphoria of giving and receiving incredible bodywork.

Core Centered Yoga with Kendra Gillis

Start your day off right with a vinyasa flow yoga class mixed with some pilates-inspired movements and exercises. Our power, our strength, comes from our core, which helps to keep us feeling grounded, balanced, and steady. This yoga class will focus on building strength and stability not only in the abdominal region, but in the back as well. Your spine will feel strong, long, and ready to support you throughout your daily activities. Kendra tailors the class to a range of ability levels, showing variations. All are welcome.

Yin Yoga with Claudia Castor

Yin Yoga, also known as Taoist Yoga, targets connective tissue, specifically ligaments and tendons in the joints and spine.  To lengthen the connective tissue, we extend the duration of the postures, engaging in static stretching. When the muscle is fully stretched, the stress reaches the connective tissue. In yin yoga, asanas are usually held for three to five minutes. Because of the long duration of asanas, one of the key values cultivated in the practice of yin yoga is patience. It is quite a meditative practice.

If the muscles are cold, they will be less elastic, and more therapeutic stress will be transferred to the connective tissue. For this reason, it is recommended that yin yoga be practiced earlier in the day, before physical activity that warms the muscles and increases their elasticity. However, some note that practicing yin yoga after a strenuous day is psychologically soothing.

Over time, practice of yin yoga can lengthen these tissues, increasing range of motion. As connective tissue accounts for about fifty percent of the body’s resistance to range of motion, focusing on connective can dramatically increase flexibility. The intensity and physical benefits of the practice depend on duration of the asana (pose) and the temperature of the muscle.

Yoga Basics with Lee Ann Kong

Here’s a yoga class designed to be accessible, effective, and fun for every student. We focus on breath and alignment in basic poses, tailoring the class to the individual student’s physical needs, experience, and fitness level. By explaining poses step by step from the ground up, Lee-Ann brings attention to body awareness, moving in and out of poses safely and comfortably, and connecting it all in a simple but dynamic sequence.

Vinyasa Yoga with Justin Bolle

This all levels Vinyasa flow yoga class invites you to invigorate your day, calming your inner dialogue. Increase your strength, balance, and clarity as you build heat from the inside out. Practice proper posture alignment and flow through yoga sequences by connecting breath to movement. Use this vinyasa to fire up the warmth within you, stabilize your thoughts, challenge your spirit and lengthen your limbs. Find the benefits of an energized body and a deeper intent.

Women’s Yoga with Alessandra Lopes

Women’s Yoga is soft and intuitive. It guides us through gentle yet powerful movements that help us soften and center. Yogic movement is combined with healing touches, meditation and poetry. It’s not a traditional asana practice, but instead it draws inspiration from yoga, dance and ancient female practices to create something that is truly nourishing for the female body and spirit. Come to class and leave feeling as if you’ve spent the day at a luxurious spa.

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June 21, 2018,
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