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Personal Training with Stacey Stone

60 minute session $95
10 session pack $750

Stacey’s Personal Training creates a way for a person of any age to become more fit, healthy, happy, and injury-resistant. Her Personal Training is grounded in over 20 years of personal experience, learning, teaching, and work with the human body. She shares her training to educate, inspire, and motivate clients to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

Normalization of Visceral Function
Reduced Stress
Injury Recovery and Prevention
Reduced Joint Inflammation and Arthrosis
Delayed Disc Degeneration
Increased Disc Hydration
Increased Blood Flow
Improved Posture
Relief of Chronic and Acute Back Pain
Relief of Neck and Shoulder Tension
Improved Awareness and Overall Wellbeing
Improved Recovery Time for Sports and Training
Reduced Forward Head Posture


A session with Stacey gives you:

  • A personalized consult to talk about your areas of pain, restriction, or injury and to set goals for the session with you
  • A total body warm-up for joints, muscles, and fascia to improve your postural awareness
  • Myofascial stretching for any areas where you may be experiencing restricted movement
  • Strengthening exercises to balance your joints and improve your stability
  • ELDOA exercises to decompress and balance your spine, hips & shoulders
  • Breathing awareness exercises to enhance your healthy breathing

Stacey Stone

Stacey’s journey in health and fitness began in 2001 when she earned a degree in psychology. This soon led to a diploma from the National Personal Training Institute in 2003. Working as a Personal Trainer ignited a passion in her to better understand human movement and its implications on long-term health.

She soon discovered that movement was only a small piece of the puzzle in creating a healthy body. This realization led Stacey to studies in nutrition, hormone health, anatomy and physiology, the biomechanics of movement and breath, movement assessment, spinal health, stress management, and energy healing.

As she gained a deeper understanding of how the body’s different parts work together, she developed a unique approach to personal training that honors the fact that the body is an integrated whole. Her mission is to educate and empower clients to take their health into their own hands.

Stacey’s Education & Training

BA Psychology

Certified Personal Trainer,  National Personal Training Institute

ELDOA™ Practitioner

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach – Level 1

Certified Yoga Instructor

Buteyko Instructor – Level 1


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