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Fill your cup!

By Diana Gilmore

You can only fill others’ cups up if you have a full cup yourself! Do something everyday to fill that internal cup.

What fills you back up can vary greatly across individuals, but generally anything that brings immediate calm, peace of mind, ease, or introspection. For me, it’s: 

  • Exercise in almost any form, especially yoga
  • Being outdoors in nature
  • Meditating
  • Reading an uplifting book or fascinating story
  • Listening to great music
  • Journaling


For Renée, it’s:

  • Dancing 
  • Preparing a delicious, nourishing meal
  • Listening to an inspirational talk 
  • A literal cup of hot chocolate, tea, or golden milk!
  • A walk and talk with someone dear to me
  • Playing with my grandchildren
  • A brief, worthwhile reading before sleep.

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