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Magnificent ‘Something Special’: Wisdom Seekers

September 25, 2022, @ 4:00 pm - 4:45 pm HST

 Wisdom Seekers
Youth group for 5-7 year olds

Outdoor & Indoor Exploration
of the World’s Wisdom Tradition

2 Sundays a month, 4:00-4:45 pm
October 2022- May 2023
Kaneohe Bay

Accepting Applications

Kindly call 808.397.7678 and ask for Renee

Sunday, September 25, 2022, 4:00pm
Kaneohe, Oahu

Children of light, as ye go forth into the world,
Seek to render gentle service to all that lives.
Theosophy School

Revere the heroes who are full of goodness and Light.

– Pythagoras

Remember back to the time you were a child. Do you recall bearing witness to life, finding shimmers of magic in the world around you? 

As young children, our minds are open, so alive and fresh to new ideas and models of our world and our places in it. As we help guide little ones during this beautifully significant time we can offer a space for introducing perspectives of wisdom, connectedness, and a sense of self and place. 


INTRODUCTORY PARENTS GATHERING:  Sunday, September 25, 2022, 4:00 – 4:45 pm

WISDOM SEEKERS school year:  October 2022 – May 2023, consisting of both indoor and outdoor education

WHEN: Sundays, twice a month (Exact calendar forthcoming)

FIRST SESSION: October 2, 2022, Gandhi Day – in honor of Mahatma Gandhi

WHERE: Wisdom Seekers will meet at Cliff & Renée Tillotsons’ home in Kaneohe, at least on Indoor Days.

We will conduct our Outdoor Days either at their house on Kaneohe Bay, or nature explorations elsewhere on the Windward side of Oahu, requiring parental carpooling help. 

TIME: 4 – 4:45 pm on Indoors Days

4 – 4:45 pm on Outdoor Days at the Tillotsons’ home

Note: Time will be longer if we travel off site on Outdoors Days. 

Dates and locations will be announced well in advance for field trips.


On Wisdom Seeker Sundays you are invited to bring your child timely, and leave them at 4:00 pm, then pick them up promptly at 4:45 pm. A lovely little neighborhood park with shade and a bit of playground equipment is a block away from the house. 

DAYS YOU VOLUNTEER: If you are helping us on a particular day, kindly arrange off-site care for any siblings. Our intention is to provide a brief, focused experience for the Wisdom Seekers – who will no doubt bring their own high energy levels – without undue external distractions!


Please let us know any areas of experience and knowledge you would be willing to share with Wisdom Seekers on occasion, for example: 

  •     Playing a musical instrument like a guitar or autoharp to help lead songs
  •     Singing
  •     A faith or philosophy that you have followed or studied
  •     Leading children’s art or handicraft projects
  •     An area of your own artistic or other expertise
  •     Specific knowledge about the natural world or human body
  •     Knowledge of spots in nature that would be good for kids to visit
  •     Experience with acting/drama/dance
  •     Leading outdoor activities


Why Wisdom Seekers?

Traveling the path of Wisdom Seekers wakes up the mind with the heart, touching the divine within ourselves and others. Spending time in Nature, we seek connection with all that lives. We cultivate a sense of the sacred in everything. This path makes us feel connected to something larger, more fulfilling, bridging us to internal joy and wonder. 

We delight in stories of heroes and of wise teachers throughout the globe and from all times. We make music, science and art. We use our remarkable human hands, eyes, ears, mouths, and whole bodies for our explorations and expressions. We learn how amazing it is to be born in a human body with a human mind!

Sometimes people in small bodies ask big questions: Where did I come from before I was born? Where did the Universe come from? Why do some things happen to me and not to other people? What happens after we die? Is there such a thing as God? 

At Wisdom Seekers, children have the time and opportunity to wonder about such things, and to hear thoughts on these questions that wise beings throughout the ages have given. At Wisdom Seekers we suggest that masters of wisdom have lived and walked amongst us throughout human history, always ready to teach us when we are ready to learn. 

During the ages of 5 to 7, children experience a dawning of self-awareness and ability to grasp abstraction. On their own, they may ask metaphysical and philosophic questions. They become aware of living in community and can accept self-responsibility. They increase their feelings of fellowship through responsibility: when you help your family and pets, you feel good about yourself. When you help and see your friend do well, it brings a smile to your heart.

As children enter this phase of self-consciously directing their life path, they become capable of correcting themselves like mariners on the open seas. In this way they can direct their course to the Island of the Wise, the Isle of the Blessed.  

To become members of the Isle of the Wise might be the greatest thing we could do in our lifetimes. We could live there in our expanded hearts, minds, spirit. It’s the happiest of all communities, where people love each other and love truth. No one feels lonely. The people there are courageous and generous. Any of us might someday encounter someone from the Isle of the Wise. They might give us a teaching without even saying anything, yet they help us become wiser.

The Wisdom Seekers’ path leads to light, to understanding, and to compassion for all.

Renée & Cliff Tillotson


Renée & Cliff Tillotson consider themselves lifelong seekers of wisdom and have studied since 1975 the teachings of Theosophy, which delves into the core truths of all religions, philosophies and science in an open-textured approach. 

They lead everyday lives in the world that strive to be of service. Renée has been teaching children and adults since she was 15 years old, whether in gymnastics, English, drama, dance, or the art of meaningful conversation. Renée helped teach Theosophy School in Santa Barbara, CA. Cliff, an engineering contractor, has been an avid outdoorsman since he began to collect lizards and snakes on the desert as a 5-year-old, later enjoying rock climbing and skiing in the mountains, paddling and surfing in the sea, and running on land. 

Until their 3 children were born, Cliff and Renée were both leaders of a children’s group called Path Finders, taking children on sacred excursions, hiking and climbing in the Santa Barbara foothills as well as the Sierra Nevada. Living on Oahu since 2002, they love spending time with their 3 (so far) grandchildren!

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September 25, 2022,
4:00 pm - 4:45 pm HST
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