Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness & Team Building in Hawaii

Enhance your employee/member/team health, well-being, retention, attendance, and happiness!

Find great corporate wellness programs and team-building activities for your company on a long-term basis with Still & Moving Center in Hawaii. Host a memorable, mindful event for your non-profit, organization, or business, either here at our center in Kaka’ako, Honolulu, or online. Make use of our business coaches or facilitators for a holistic approach to building your team and your leadership. Bring your group to our boutique wellness center or let one of our highly trained fitness teachers or wellness therapists come to you! We serve your group’s interests, abilities, and needs.

Long-term Fitness:

We customize your support package to best meet the needs of your employees with movement classes and wellness programs at your office, online, or in our studios in Hawaii. Choose from:

  • Shared drop-in class packs amongst employees – Over 100 fitness and moving meditation classes a week to choose from
  • Steeply reduced monthly rates for corporate membership
  • Nutrition, mindfulness, and wellness workshops 
  • Private group fitness classes for your employees – your place of business or ours
  • Virtual options are available worldwide or locally.

Team Building for your company, non-profit, or organization:

Book a half to full day team meeting plus break-outs event:

  •       You run your meeting for your board members, employees, staff, members, or faculty 
  •       Or WE facilitate your group’s meeting with our skilled, professional facilitators
  •       In our beautiful, spacious setting, we provide the basics: giant monitor, flip charts, whiteboard, table, and chairs
  •       Full Zoom setup, including: dedicated computer for hookup, huge monitor, excellent microphones, 4 speaker sound system
  •       Optional BREAKOUT MOVEMENT SESSIONS: Hula for an Island Theme; Yoga for Concentrated Calm; Nia for Upbeat, Energizing Fun; and many more options, Tai Chi for the Grounded Energy Flow of Mindful Movement
  •       Catering is available upon request. Still & Moving Center is a vegetarian, alcohol-free facility.

Schedule a private movement class for your group:

For a team challenge:

  • Aerial Yoga – for Verve in a Vertical Dimension!
  • Turkish Belly Dance – Outlandish Fun to Overcome Inhibitions! Nothing binds a group like a collective challenge!  

For a team tension-release: 

  • MELT – moving meditation while you hydrate your connective tissues, using special foam rollers and balls
  • Restorative Yoga – full-body pampering with deep-relaxation in yogic poses, using props, bolsters, blankets, and blocks, with soothing music, essential oils, and guided meditation

For a cultural experience:

  • Hula – authentic Hawaiian dancing, with clear, easy-to-follow direction guided by a skilled teacher playing the ukulele, giving your group a true taste of aloha, swaying hips and hula hands

More Hawaiian Cultural Offerings:

  • Curated Tours in Nature and to Cultural sites
  • Walk-Story with a Cultural Practitioner in Historic Areas
  • Cultural experiences: Lei-making, Hula, Oli (Hawaiian chanting), Ukulele strumming & sing-along
  • ‘Olelo: Hawaiian language introduction – spoken or in song
  • Kaheahea Hospitality Training
  • Palena Hawaiian Natural Resource Management Training

Holistic Business Coaching & Group Facilitation:

Get your team on track! At Still & Moving Center,  you will find state-of-the-art coaching and facilitation for optimal group dynamics, with mindfulness practices as one of the focuses. Our coaches and facilitators take the whole person into consideration; no one is simply a cog in the business machine. True leadership today cultivates the body-mind-spirit connection of each individual in the group, enhancing the sense of unity amongst all members of the team. Team interactions are kinder, clearer, more effective. Our international business coaches and facilitators provide team building, long-range visioning, strategic planning, self-leadership, life-coaching and goal-setting practices.

Coaches & Facilitators:

Tony Bonnici Business Coach & Team Facilitator

Empower your team on every level: Body, Spirit, Relationship, Mission, and Work. Tony is the founder of Zen Men advanced leadership training. He coaches successful women and men who own businesses throughout the world. 

At Still & Moving Center’s special annual staff meetings, which he facilitates, Tony is especially helpful in guiding vision, setting remarkable goals, and enhancing staff leadership skills. He invites clients to settle into their breathing, listen to their bodies, tune into their hearts, and widen their vision of what they truly desire. Tony finds meditation and movement breakout sessions especially effective during group sessions.

As a highly intelligent and intuitive person who struggled with dyslexia in the public school system in his youth, Tony had to overcome fear and learn to think differently to succeed at school, and eventually become a fearless, driven entrepreneur.  As a successful entrepreneur for over 25 years, Tony succeeded in creating 7 different successful businesses from scratch. 

Eventually something had to change. In 2010 he said goodbye to his son for a month of business travel. Both of them were in tears at his son’s bedside and his son Sage begged him not to leave. Tony left anyway and realized as he drove to the airport that something had to change. His old business model was unsustainable, and there had to be a better way. He realized that a successful business life was not enough on its own – he wanted success in his whole life. He wanted to be a successful leader and participant at home as a husband, father and son as well – he wanted to be an integrated leader.

Tony went into life and business coaching, where he found his stride, working with entrepreneurs worldwide. He and his wife Amber (also a life coach) now live in Hawaii, work fewer days in the year, spend more time with their family, and make a large, comfortable income. Tony helps his clients increase their profits and challenges them to dream bigger and create the impossible in all areas of their lives.

Sandhya Tillotson of Sagebrush LTDFacilitator for Business & NonProfits

Sandhya Tillotson facilitates highly engaging, inclusive and  interactive virtual and in-person meetings, strategic planning sessions and retreats. She guides diverse teams through collective decision-making processes.  Sandhya is a consultant, coach and facilitator, as well as a graduate of the Technology of Participation (ToP) program for facilitation and strategic planning techniques. She is a Member of the International Association of Facilitators.

Sandhya finds movement breakout sessions to enhance her facilitation sessions, whether online or in-person. 

Participants in Sandhya’s facilitations develop a shared vision for the future, through deep dialogue and innovative techniques, with clear results for transformational change. As the former Director of an award-winning nonprofit organization for 5 years and now a business owner herself, Sandhya Tillotson uses her experience in collaborative problem-solving to bring vitality to diverse organizations. She now works with an array of companies, governmental agencies and nonprofit groups. 

Sustainability and social justice play an important part in Sandhya’s work.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from The Colorado College and a certificate in Sustainable Community Development from Colorado State University. She’s a Program Committee Member of the Shanta Foundation on behalf of rural villages in Myanmar. Working with facilitators of color, Sandhya effectively conducts racial sensitivity sessions as one of her offerings. 

Sandhya is committed to authentically co-creating human-centered spaces with your participants, in alignment with their core values, to empower each individual to thrive in the shared, often virtual, setting. With years of experience in leadership and strategic planning, her goal is to support your organization or coalition from behind the scenes, to draw out and refine your collective visions, for the greatest community impact!

“Sandhya has been extremely valuable to our organization. Offering objective reasoning skills, input and guidance along the way, she has helped further develop Dancing Spirit’s mission and vision through executive coaching and extensive grant writing. I would highly recommend her to any organization.” —  Kasey Correia, Executive Director, Dancing Spirit Community Arts Center 

“As a non-profit consultant myself, I feel like I am a discerning critic. If your organization needs some structure and assistance figuring out where to focus next, I highly recommend Sandhya and Sagebrush Limited.” — Cathay Cowles, Board of Directors, Durango Natural Foods 

Marta CzajkowskaLife & Small Group Positivity Coach

Find mindful-based life coaching, focused to meet your or your group’s unique needs. Certified life coach Marta Czajkowska facilitates small group work on Positive Intelligence. 

Marta worked closely with Director Renée Tillotson for nine years in the founding and then management of Still & Moving Center. She has been through the trials, tribulations, and joys of managing staff and faculty members, bringing out their brightest qualities. She understands the intricacies of scheduling, organizing, staffing, and promoting a highly dynamic, growing business. She has since graduated into owning a forward-facing coaching business.

Marta is a highly active individual who thrives on challenge, having done advanced level rock climbing on some of the world’s toughest rock faces. She inspires confidence in her clients with her ability to steadily look any challenge in the eye and embrace it.

Get your team the high-octane dose of positivity you all need with a one-off event, over a 6 session series, or on an ongoing basis. Marta works well with team challenge movement break-out sessions!

“Marta creates a very supportive group in which I felt safe and supported.” — Samantha Turner, physical therapist

“I was skeptical of the process, not believing that some daily mindfulness and PQ reps would begin to retrain my brain. With the guidance, support and coaching shared by Marta and our pod I have been stunned by the awareness shifting in me as I begin to train my brain to work for me rather than against me. I can already see how this will positively impact my workplace and my relationships moving forward!” — Brooke Edwards, heli ski guide

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