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 International Style Latin Dance Coaching with Shaoshu Jing

Shaoshu’s intense love for precise, elegant dance comes straight through his private dance lessons. Shaoshu has trained and competed globally in International Style Latin Ballroom dancing. He now distills all of his training into clear, concise coaching to help YOU look your best in motion!

This style includes Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Pasodoble, and Jive. Internal Style Latin Ballroom Dance is originally designed for competitions, and focuses on the beauty and quality of the movement.

With Shaoshu, you learn to feel more comfortable, more at ease, more confident in the ballroom or on any dance floor. If you’re serious about bettering your dance skills, Shaoshu is the coach for you.

Sign up for a private session, or with a partner, or as a group of 3-4 eager students of dance.

1-2 students $105
3 students $120 ($40 each)
4 students $140 ($35 each)

Shaoshu Jing

Your instructor Shaoshu has danced competitively both in the US and Europe. He is currently under the mentorship of WDSF world finalists, and travels around the world for training from some of the most legendary dancers and teachers in this discipline.

With a true, long love for dance, Shaoshu is excited to share this art and its latest techniques with the island. He carries with him the precision of his career in tech, as well as the sweetness of his long time friendship with the folks at Still & Moving Center.


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