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This free weekly offering gives spiritual seekers the opportunity to learn and share from the great wealth of the world’s wisdom traditions. Each week we will focus on one brilliant gem, a teaching to illuminate our minds and hearts.

Various cultures in all times and places have produced sparkling gems of inspiration – the crystallized essence of spiritual insight. In many cases we know something of the enlightened being – sage, see-er, saint – who gave us that gem and lived his or her life accordingly. In all cases, these teachings and cultural traditions have informed the lives of the tradition’s followers, bringing clarity to their daily decisions and depth to their meditations.

“Your Gems program elevates my day, reminds me of great ideas that we can strive for, reminds me of the hidden potential in every human being for brotherhood.” – Donna Moore

To begin each circle, one featured speaker will give a short presentation on a brilliant spiritual teaching from one of the world’s wisdom traditions, together with information on the Teacher who conveyed and embodied it.

The group will then take up the topic presented, with opportunity for free conversation and questions, wonderings and examples, of how we might apply this week’s teaching. The Still & Moving Center Almanac’s  inspires  each Saturday’s topic for Gems.

Gems’ moderator, Renée Tillotson, is Director & Founder of Still & Moving Center, engaged in an earnest, life-long spiritual quest.

Freely offered.


Upcoming Topics

March 25, 2022: “The Evolutionary Tide” with Elisabet Sahtouris, evolutionary biologist, on the Scientific – Spiritual tradition of the future

April 1, 2023: “Our Collective Spiritual Odyssey”

April 8, 2023: “Cycle of the Phoenix”

Past Topics
March 18, 2022: “Being Just, Fair, Pono”  with Kumu Malia Hele from the Hawaiian tradition

March 11, 2023: “Harmonious Relationship Builders”- Maurice Bisheff on Mikhail Gorbachev from the tradition of Global Leadership

March 4, 2023: “Planters of Seeds”-Peter LeCompte from Mauna Farm on the agricultural tradition

February 25, 2023: “The Fire of Enthusiasm”- Johanna Schwaiger on Sculpting from the artistic tradition

February 18, 2023: “Our Inward Eye” – Peeyush Kumar on the Shiva-based tradition of Hinduism in celebration of Maha-Shivaratri

February 11, 2023: “The Good Law” – Bob Buss on the Zen Buddhism tradition

February 4, 2023: “Our Inextinguishable Flame” – Ramdas Lamb from the Hindu Tradition

January 28, 2023: “Bridge Builders” – Roger Epstein on the Hermetic tradition

January 21, 2023: “Life in the Body” – Joe Miller on the Theosophical Tradition

January 14, 2023: “The Infinite in the Moment” – Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris on the Evolution Biologist & Futurist on the Scientific tradition

January 7, 2023 “Silence & Serenity”- Jerry Punzal on the spiritual teachings of Nana Veary from the Hawaiian tradition (view recording here)

December 31, 2022: 2023’s theme: CITIZENS OF THE FUTURE

December 24, 2022: Summary of 2022’s Theme of “Being Truly Human”.

December 17, 2022 “True Giving”- Nancy Auker on the Storytelling Tradition (view recording here)

December 10, 2022: “Calmness” – Bruno Ballestrero on the tai chi / qigong perspective (view recording here)

December 3, 2022: “The Circle & the Center” – Efrat Livny on The Circle Way, based on tribal traditions (view recording here)

November 26, 2022: “The Sacred Home” – Tony Bonnici from the Zen Buddhist traditions (view recording here)

November 19, 2022: “Wisdom & Gratitude” – Cliff Tillotson on Abraham Lincoln from the tradition of American Idealism (view recording here)

November 12, 2022: “What Can I Do Without?” – Mildred Yoder on the Mennonite “Plain People” tradition (view recording here)

November 5, 2022: “The Willing Teacher” – Ramdas Lamb on the monastic Hindu tradition (view recording here)

October 29, 2022: “The Eager Student” – Fariba Enteshari on Rumi and Shams from the Sufi tradition (view recording here)

October 22, 2022: “Contentment”- David Sanders on the Yoga tradition of Patajali (view recording here)

October 15, 2022: “The Language of the Soul”- Helena Kerekhazi from the Theosophical tradition (view recording here)

October 8, 2022: “Creativity” – Jeremy Roske on Mimodynamics from theatrical tradition of mime (view recording here)

October 1, 2022: “Sarvodaya: Universal Uplift – But the Least First” for Gandhi’s birthday – Prakash Tyagi on the Gandhian tradition from his Gandhi-based nonprofit serving 1.3 million villagers and laborers In Rajasthan, India. (view recording here)

September 23, 2022: “The Human Miracle of Standing Upright” – Marla Waal from the Somatic Movement traditions, including Eldoa, Franklin Technique, yoga, and conscious dance (view recording here)

September 18, 2022: “Guided by Conscience” – Mary Bird on Hildegard of Bingen from the Christian tradition (view recording here)

September 10, 2022: “The Kwan Yin Pledge”- Renée Tillotson on the Bodhisattva Tradition (view recording here)

September 3, 2022: “Ceaseless Change”- Randy Wong Kai Ming on the Taoist Traditions (view recording here)

August 27, 2022: “The Work of the Hands” – Cliff Tillotson on the tradition of Manual Labor via Shop Class as Soul Craft (view recording here)

Aug 20, 2022: “The indestructible Spark”- John Powers on the Ancient Mystery traditions

August 13, 2022: “The Service of Humanity” – Roger Epstein on the Jewish tradition (view recording here)

August 6, 2022: “The Beacon Light – a Metaphor” – Robert Moore on the Irish Mystic Tradition of George William Russel (view recording here)

July 30, 2022: “The Dance of the Feet” – Valerie Noor Kerima Payton on the Sufi dancing tradition (view recording here)

July 23, 2022: “Exercising Our Minds”- Daniel Godines Alcantar on the Scientific Tradition of Astrology (view recording here)

July 16, 2022: “Friendship in a world of flux”- Mary Anne Magnier on the Quaker tradition (view recording here)

July 9, 2022: “Women & Men of Meditation”- Judi Rich on the Brahma Kumaris tradition (view recording here)

July 2, 2022: “Realizing We Are One” – Carolyn Dorrance on the tradition of World Culture (view recording here)

June 25, 2022: “Recognizing Greatness”- Roger Epstein on the world mythology tradition (view recording here)

June 18: “Yang – the Active” – Randy Wong Kai Ming with Tai Chi perspectives on the Taoist tradition (view recording here)

June 11, 2022: “Aquarian Therapy” – Jonathan Colbert on the traditions of Theosophy and modern psychology (view recording here)

June 4, 2022: “Ideation & Health – Consideration of the Invisible” – Renée Tillotson on the Theosophical tradition (view recording here)

May 28, 2022: “What is Our Purpose?” – Veena Howard on the Jain and Hindu traditions from a Gandhian perspective (view recording here)

May 21, 2022: “Traveling the Path: Eco-Dharma and the Environment: – Bob Buss on the Buddhist tradition (view recording here)

May 14, 2022: “Daring to Strive” – Ramdas Lamb on the Hindu ascetic tradition (view recording here)

May 7, 2022: “Yin – the Receptive” – Randy Wong Kai Ming with Tai Chi perspectives on the Taoist tradition (view recording here)

April 30, 2022: “Who am I Really?” – John Powers from the Theosophical tradition (view recording here)

April 23, 2022: “The Moment of Choice” – Harald Krytinar from the dance tradition (view recording here)

April 16, 2022: “Between Heaven & Earth: Humanity” – Kirk Gradin from the Theosophical tradition (view recording here)

April 9, 2022: “Taking Responsibility” – Franklin Perkins on the Confucian tradition from the perspective of Mengzi (view recording here)

April 2, 2022: “Am I My Emotions?” – Donna Blanchard from the Theatrical tradition (view recording here)

March 26, 2022: “What are Trees to Us?” – Ben Page on Forest Bathing from the Deep Ecology tradition (view recording here)

March 19, 2022: “Our Sense of Humor” – Maurice Bisheff on the Spiritual traditions (view recording here)

March 12, 2022: “Motion and Consciousness” – Alice Boyd on the Feldenkrais standpoint from the Somatic Movement and Neuroscience traditions (view recording here)

March 5, 2022: “Am I My Mind?” – Bob Buss with a response from the Zen Buddhism tradition (view recording here)

February 26, 2022: “Shiva & Self-Regeneration” – Peeyush Kumar on the Kashmiri Hindu Shaivism tradition (view recording here)

February 19, 2022: “Karma as Soul-Education” – Ramdas Lamb on the Hindu tradition (view recording here)

February 12, 2022: “Eternity in Time – Rta: Cosmic Rhythm” – Joss Jaffe on the classical music tradition of India (view recording here)

February 5, 2022: “Self-Transcendence” – Fariba Enteshari on the Sufi tradition of Rumi (view recording here)

January 29, 2022: “Ahimsa – Choosing Not to Harm” – Afriye We-kandodis on the Christian tradition (view recording here)

January 22, 2022: “Am I my Body?” – Carol Ann Deighton on the Western Medical tradition 

January 15, 2022: “Deep Viewing, Deep Listening” – Joanne Bland on Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.’s tradition of Non-Violence (view recording here)

January 8, 2022: Space, Visible & Invisible – by Daniel Godinez from the expanded Astronomical tradition (view recording here)

January 1, 2022: “Being Truly Human/Humane” by Robin Shepard on To Kill a Mocking Bird of the Literary tradition (view recording here)

December 26, 2021: “Planting Seeds for the Future” by John Powers, publisher distributing books to prisoners, on the Bodhisattva tradition (view recording here)

December 18, 2021: “Completing a Cycle” by Peeyush Kumar on the Kashmiri Hindu Shaivism tradition (view recording here)

December 11, 2021: “Exceptional Calm” by Ramdas Lamb on the monastic Hindu Vaishnavism tradition (view recording here)

December 4, 2021: “Deep Listening” by Bob Buss on the Buddhist tradition (view recording here)

November 27, 2021: “Is Everything Alive – Life Atoms” – Renée Tillotson on the Theosophical tradition (view recording here)

November 20, 2021: “Gandhi’s Prayer Meetings” by Prakash Tiagi on the Gandhian tradition (view redording here)

November 13, 2021:  “On the Battlefield” by Colonel Debra Lewis on the military tradition, constructively dealing with stress. (view recording here)

November 6, 2021: “The Rebirth of Humanity” by Joe Miller on the poetic tradition (view recording here)

October 30, 2021: “Seeking the Light” by Truth Collins, as a lighting specialist, on the Theosophical tradition

October 23, 2021: “A Whole World View” by Carolyn Dorrance on the founding vision behind the United Nations (view recording here)

October 16, 2021: “Creation & Responsibility” by Mālia Helelā on the Hawaiian tradition (view recording here)

October 9, 2021: “Rediscovering America” by Cliff Tillotson on the Tradition of American Idealism (view recording here)

October 2, 2021: “Health & Non-Violence” by Winalee Zeeb on the Healing traditions (view recording here)

September 25, 2021: “Time for Nature to Speak” by Brynn Foster on the Indigenous farming tradition (view recording here)

September 18, 2021: “Tuning into a Higher Vibration” by Joss Jaffe on the Indian Music tradition (view recording here)

September 11, 2021: “Obstacles & Creativity” by Apsara Hanagandi on the mythology of “Ganesh” from Hindu tradition (view recording here)

September 4, 2021: “Work & Workshop” by Joseph Miller on the Hindu tradition of the Bhagavad Gita (view recording here)

August 28, 2021: “Chop Wood, Carry Water” by Blayne Higa from the Shin Buddhist tradition (view recording here)

August 21, 2021: “The Spirit of Sacrifice” by Sooriya Kumar on the Hindu tradition, speaking about his father with Cliff Tillotson (view recording here)

Aug 14, 2021: “Earning Our Freedom” by Robert Merce on the Legal Justice tradition (view recording here)

Aug 7, 2021: “The Power To Help the Homeless” by Blanche McMilan on the Hawiian tradition (view recording here)

July 31, 2021: “Hero with a Thousand Faces” by Roger Epstein on Joseph Campbell from the mythic traditions (view recording here)

July 24, 2021: “Taking Stock of the Day” by Sarah Hodges on the Irish mystic tradition (view recording here)

July 17, 2021: “Aquarian Individuation” by John  Powers from the Theosophical tradition (view recording here)

July 10, 2021: “Spiritual Progress: Allowing Seeds to Sprout” by Katharine Harts on the Christian mystic tradition (view the recording)

July 3, 2021: “A New Order of the Ages: Novus Ordo Seclorum” by Maurice Bisheff on the American Revolutionary tradition (view the recording)

June 26, 2021: “Encountering the Dark” by Charles Wei and Johanna Schwaiger on the Falun Gong practice derived from the Buddhist & Taoist traditions (view the recording)

June 19, 2021: “A ‘Father’s’ Example – Saint John of the Cross” by Mary Bird on the Catholic Tradition (view the recording)

June 12, 2021: “Repentance & Karma” by Janine Oshiro from the storytelling tradition (view the recording)

June 5, 2021: “Silence & Soul Memory” by Kirk Gradin on the Buddha Enlightenment Vision from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition (view the recording)

May 29, 2021: “Dissolving Boundaries” by Frank Jackson on the photographic tradition (view the recording)

May 22, 2021: “Producing a Permanent Change” by Uwe Mester on the Feldenkrais® Method from the Somatic Movement Tradition (view the recording)

May 15, 2021: “The Body Electric” by Robert Moore from the classical scientific tradition (view the recording)

May 8, 2021: “Rebirthing Ourselves, Again & Again” by Cliff Tillotson on Plato’s “Myth of Er” from the Ancient Greek tradition (view the recording)

May 1, 2021: “Those Who have Gone Before” by Judy Saltzman on Helena Blavatsky of the Theosophical tradition (view the recording)

April 24, 2021: “Service with a Glad Heart” by Maurice Bisheff on Hanuman of the Hindu tradition (view the recording)

April 17, 2021: “Our Role as Human Beings on Earth” by Miku Lenentine on the Saanich North American tribal tradition (view the recording)

April 10, 2021: “Islam Means Surrender” by Fariba Entishari on the Sufi tradition (view the recording)

April 3, 2021: “There Ariseth Light in the Darkness” by John Love on the early Christian tradition (view the recording)

March 27, 2021: “Seeing our Way Through” by Greg Hatton on the photographic and cinematographic perspective (View the recording)

March 20, 2021: “Jamming and Riffing” by Paul Izak on the Music tradition (view the recording)

March 13, 2021: “Curving Space / Carving Space” by Kim Miller on the Scientific tradition of Einstein (View the recording)

March 6, 2021: “Dancing to Life’s Music” by Eddie Oroyan on the Dance tradition (View the recording)

February 27, 2021: “Crafting our Speech” by Myrtle Wong on the Non-Violent Communication perspective from Eastern traditions of Non-Violence (View the recording)

February 20, 2021: “The Willing Apprentice” by Neelanthi Vadivel on the Dance tradition (View the recording)

February 13, 2021: “The Pilgrim’s Progress” by Nikki Johnson on the Christian tradition (View the recording)

February 6, 2021: “Awakening Potential” by Lani Kwon on the Humanist psychology tradition (View the recording)

January 30, 2021: “Thought Before Form” by Sarah Hodges on the Literary tradition

January 23. 2021: “Entering Sacred Space” by Miku Lenentine on the Anishinaabe tribe of the Native American tradition (View the recording)

January 16. 2021: “Facing our Fear” by Ram Das Lamb (View the recording)

January 9. 2021: “The Empty Page” by Janine Oshiro on the Literary (View the recording)

January 2, 2021: “Consecrating our Work” by Maliā Helelā on the Hawaiian (View the recording) tradition

December 26, 2020: “Self Crafting” by Renée Tillotson on the Theosophical tradition & Evolutionary perspective (View the recording)

December 19, 2020: “Unconditional Love” by Mary Bird on the Catholic tradition as exemplified by Father Damien (View the recording)

December 12, 2020: “Beneficent Sleep” by Manoj Chalam on the Vedanta tradition of Hinduism (View the recording)

December 5, 2020: “Selfless Service” by Franklin Perkins on the Confucian tradition from the perspective of Mengzi (View the recording)

November 28, 2020: “Right Meditation” by Kirk Gradin on the Bodhisattva Path of the Theosophical tradition (View the recording)

November 21, 2020: “The Guardian Wall” by Donna Moore on the Mahayana Tibetan Buddhist tradition (View the recording)

November 14, 2020: **Diwali Celebration** 4:30 – 7:00pm. Join us for this celebration of Light! (View the recording)

November 7, 2020: “Preparation for Death” – Cliff Tillotson on the neo-platonic tradition (View the recording)

October 31, 2020: “Behind Thine & Mine: the Bhoodan Land Gifting” – Sarah Hodges on the Gandhian tradition (View the recording)

October 24, 2020: “Right Mindfulness” – Renée Tillotson on the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of Pema Chödrön (View the recording)

October 17, 2020: “Irreversible Resolve” – Dr. Mark Morisaki on the Western Medical tradition (View the recording)

October 10, 2020: “Becoming Wholly Reliable” – Maurice Bisheff on the American Transcendental tradition of Emerson (View the recording)

October 3, 2020: “All Men are Brothers” – Cliff Tillotson on the interfaith tradition of Mahatma Gandhi (View the recording)

September 26, 2020: “Right Effort” – Tony Bonnici on the Zen Buddhist tradition (View the recording)

September 19, 2020: “Progressive Self-Awakening” – Fariba Enteshari on the Sufi tradition of Rumi (View the recording)

September 12, 2020: “The Bridge Connecting Heaven and Earth” – Elton Hall on the Theosophical tradition (View the recording)

September 5, 2020: “Vanquishing Victimism” – Ramdas Lamb on the Hindu ascetic tradition (View the recording)

Aug 29, 2020: “Right Livelihood” – Jonathan Colbert on the Theosophical Tradition (View the recording)

Aug 22, 2020: “Why Obstacles?” – Renée Tillotson on the Hindu mythological tradition of Ganesh (View the recording)

August 15, 2020: “Casting No Blame” – Katharine Harts on the Christian mystic tradition (View the recording)

August 1, 2020: “Are We our Brothers’ and Sisters’ Keepers?” – Joe Miller on the Christian mystic tradition (View the recording)

July 25, 2020: “Right Action” – Debbie Rosas from the Nia perspective (View the recording)

July 18, 2020: “One-Pointed Focus” – David Sanders on the Hindu yogic tradition (View the recording)

July 11, 2020: “Egotism and Compassion” – Robin Fujikawa on the Dōgen tradition of Buddhism (View the recording)

July 4, 2020: “Spiritual Democracy” – Maurice Bisheff on the Native American and American Revolutionary traditions (View the recording)

June 27, 2020: “In the Language there is Life: I ka ʻŌlelo no ke Ola” – Mālia Helelā on the Hawaiian tradition (View the recording)

June 20, 2020: “The Vision of Prometheus” – Jim Tepfer on the Ancient Greek tradition (View the recording)

June 13, 2020: “Self-Mastery and Freedom” – Veena Howard on the Gandhian perspective of the Hindu tradition (View the recording)

June 6, 2020: “Development of the Neuro-Muscular-Skeletal System” – Rachel Klein on the scientific perspective and healing traditions

May 30, 2020: “Right Intention” – Reverend Blayne Higa on the Jodo Shin Buddhist tradition (View the recording)

May 23, 2020: “Beyond Pleasure & Pain” – Cliff Tillotson on the the Bhagavad Gita perspective of the Hindu tradition (View the recording)

May 16, 2020: “Right View – Inner and Outer Perspectives” – Christopher Edwards on the sculpting tradition (View the recording)

May 9, 2020: Honoring the Behest of the Divine – Mary Bird on the Catholic tradition (View the recording)

May 2, 2020: “The Buddha’s Search to End Suffering” – Kirk Gradin on the Buddhist tradition (View the recording)

April 25, 2020: The Value of the Pause in Classical Indian Music – Joss Jaffe on the classical Indian music tradition

April 18, 2020: Re-becoming People of Place: Caring for our Earth and All Beings – Miku Lenentine on the Native American Tradition

April 11, 2020: Pythagoras on Meditation, the Heroic Ideal and Self-discovery – Jim Tepfer on the ancient Greek tradition

Katie Asmus – Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute

By Renée Tillotson


From her first engaging gaze and warm, inviting smile, you know that Katie Asmus is a people person who cares. Her dedication to serving others radiates through every pore. And that same support continues to emanate from her the longer you spend time with Katie. A psychotherapist and educator, Katie provides a broad range of offerings under one virtual ‘roof’ called Somatic Wilderness Therapy Institute. Meanwhile, her soul and her services prefer to live under the broad open skies of Nature!

The remarkable thing to me about Katie is that while she is very scientific, and always up-to-date with the newest psychology and brain-body research, she still manages to make enormous space in her practice for the sacred, and even for the spiritual – whatever that might mean to her clients and students. This approach means that she recognizes and honors the divine in everyone – that namaste light in each person’s eyes. I can say for myself that being received in this manner by Katie allows and encourages me to live into my biggest, highest self. I would say ‘Self’. And for that, I am very grateful.

When I attended her Honoring Change training, my intention was to ritually enter my “elder”, “wise woman” phase of life. I came in as an experienced and accomplished professional, the owner and president of three businesses, two of which are educational establishments. Katie embraced me in all the bigness of my questions, original thinking, and suggestions, never intimated, always encouraging me. I felt so seen and recognized. And I watched Katie offer this same support to every other participant and intern.

Katie has been living at the forefront of the wilderness therapy frontier for her entire career, both within and outside (literally) academia. She practices it as a therapist, teaches it to others, and trains them to become teachers in their own right. Her interweaving of ceremony – hearkening to indigenous and religious practices from ancient times forward – is another groundbreaking element of Katie’s approach.

Please allow me to tell you about the 4 interwoven threads of Katie’s work, and then I’ll unfold a glimmering of her life story, including the love of her life, Brandon.

Four Threads of Katie’s Work:

Three of the four threads of her work are represented by her company’s name: 

  • “Somatic” and “Therapy” point to her work to restore the connection and health of the body and mind
  • “Wilderness” indicates her conviction and experience showing that human beings thrive best living close to Nature
  • “Institute” denotes her legacy work to teach, train and mentor others

The fourth thread arises from her deep understanding of human nature and her sense of the sacred, the intentional:

  • Ceremony, ritual, & rites of passage as tools for transformation.

Katie says she has always loved and been curious about people and has been working with them since childhood. Born into a Catholic family, she was recruited to assist with the 3 to 4-year-old class when she was only 10 years old herself, and she’s never stopped teaching and assisting others in their growth process since that time.

She became the 3 to 4-year-olds’ class teacher in 8th grade, as well as assisting with youth sports activities and her little sister’s Brownie troop. Her work as a teenager herself in an outdoor program for disabled teens foreshadowed some of the core work she’s done as an adult in wilderness therapy.

Although she has since broadened her embrace of all manner of spiritual traditions, Katie deeply appreciates her Catholic background. It provided the container, she explains, for her to develop her identity as a spiritual being connecting with something greater than herself. As part of the church’s youth retreat teams, Katie got to create personally meaningful ceremonies around different topics, connecting with community and finding deeper meaning in life. 

One of her ongoing quests is how to make ceremonies, rituals and rites of passage available to people of all faiths, or with no apparent spiritual tradition. The nearly universal appreciation for nature seems to be a key way that Katie connects with both “believers” and “non-believers”.

Never affluent, her family nevertheless lived with a strong service ethic. It was never about making tons of money. She didn’t even own a car until she was 30 years old. Not just working one-on-one with clients (which she LOVES to do), Katie extends herself by collaborating with, supervising, and supporting other therapists, teachers and trainers in the work that she is spearheading. In this manner she broadens the impact of the service she is providing, I see in her work a soul-dedication to service that will sustain itself beyond her lifetime. That legacy service work takes a deep heart, hard work, and a broad vision. This form of service demands selflessness, recognizing that it doesn’t always have to be YOU who is providing the service!

That work is of course self-reinforcing, in that it provides the person doing it with a deep and abiding sense of soul-satisfaction.

I would love to go into Katie’s deep and important work with trauma in the nervous system, which Katie started training other therapists in 22 years ago, long before trauma therapy became mainstream. Instead, I’ll let you read more about Katie’s life and career on this helpful webpage:

As an inveterate, died-in-the-wool romantic, I will end by letting you know that Katie is married to a wonderful man named Brando whom she met in 1995 as fellow therapists when they worked together with adults suffering from mental illness. He’s evidently as much of an introvert as she is an extrovert. A small window into their kitchen years ago: Katie bustles in and starts chopping on the cutting board where Brandon is already working, and that’s been a work-in-progress ever since! The perfect example of the need to set boundaries and the need to expand across borders! He eventually transitioned in work from therapy to asphalt paving – no doubt one therapist in the family is more than enough. Brandon loves the outdoors, loves being of service, and loves KATIE!

I can see why he does, can’t you?

PS  OOOH! And let me add that Katie has authored a chapter in a newly published therapy book called Nourished, edited by Meg Kirby. 


Renée Tillotson

Renée Tillotson, Director, founded Still & Moving Center to share mindful moving as well as still arts from around the globe. Her inspiration comes from the Joy and moving meditation she experiences in the practice of Nia, and from the lifelong learning she’s gained at the Institute of World Culture in Santa Barbara, California. Still & Moving Center aspires to serve the community, support the Earth and its creatures, and always be filled with laughter and friendship!

Engaged in an earnest, life-long spiritual quest, Renée assembles the Still & Moving Center Almanac each year, filled with inspirational quotes by everyone from the Dalai Lama to Dolly Parton. She loves taking part in conversations that merge philosophical, spiritual and scientific thought with a lifestyle of compassion. She considers herself a citizen of the world.

Renée has been moving and sharing Nia since 2002. She took all of her Nia intensive trainings at Nia International Headquarters from the co-creators of Nia: Debbie Rosas and Carlos Rosas. Enthusiasm fills every class and event Renée leads.

A second degree Nia Black Belt, Renée says, “Through Nia I realized that I was born to dance…and perhaps everyone is! Nia connects me to pure Joy. I aspire to extend that Joy into the rest of my life and share it with every student who steps into my circle. Nia embraces both the yin and yang energies, helping all of us to balance our natures. Nia serves as a moving meditation for me, as well as a chance to play like a child again! I like to think of my classes as invigorating the body and elevating the spirit.”

The motto: ‘Move your body. Still your mind. Find center. Find Joy!” motivates her daily life.

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