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Rediscover your innate capacity for effortless, organic, efficient, and graceful movement. Some students find themselves freed of years of pain that they thought they would live with forever. Feldenkrais “Awareness through Movement” lessons consist of gentle movement sequences that can eventually become more complex as you progress. After attending the classes for a while, you will find improved flexibility and breathing, coordination and balance. No prior experience necessary.

Feldenkrais® is based on a sophisticated understanding of the human nervous system that helps students continuously improve their functioning in all areas of life. This method uses learning in the way that babies learn: through exploring movement and sensing the environment, in order to get whatever it is we most want out of life. For a baby that may be reaching for a toy and bringing it to the mouth, but for an adult, that may be learning to play a sport better, becoming a better actor or dancer, living a pain-free life, increasing productivity at work, or finding harmony at home. 

Many students of the Feldenkrais® Method find their physical and non-physical problems spontaneously disappearing as they increase their self-awareness.

Alice Boyd, CFP

A Feldenkrais Practitioner since 2014,  Alice is passionate about movement. From an active childhood in rural Maine, to dance, swimming, yoga, walking in the city, and hiking in the woods, she has always been drawn to movement as a means of creative expression, as well as a path to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

She was born with her left leg turned in. When the prescribed braces failed, she was enrolled in dance lessons at the age of five. She loved ballet, and went on to study and perform regularly until age 17,  practicing daily.

After college and a graduate degree in French, she explored banking, restaurant work, academia, and high tech, but kept returning to movement and teaching, training as a yoga instructor in 2000, then–with her friend Jennifer (Preisler) Hayes–co-founding Yoga Pearl in 2002.

After more than ten years of athletic yoga practice and teaching, her left hip began to complain about the turnout she was trying to impose on it. She believed that hip replacement surgery was in my near future, that it would be the inevitable outcome given my genetic inheritance combined with the decades of activity she had enjoyed. At about that time, serendipitously, she dropped in on a Feldenkrais class while on retreat at Rancho la Puerta in Mexico. The group lesson made such an impression that she immediately signed up for an individual session, and after that hands-on lesson knew that she would be studying The Feldenkrais Method®: “I felt that my tight, aching body had been taken apart and put back together the way it was “supposed” to go. I experienced an ease and fluidity of movement that I hadn’t in a very long time – or only would temporarily after an intense yoga class or deep tissue massage, but that would eventually “rebound” into tightness and soreness – and the practitioner had handled me so gently! This was something I needed to learn for myself, and was eager to share with others.”

After selling Yoga Pearl in 2012, Alice has studied and practiced The Feldenkrais Method® full time, completing her Feldenkrais Professional Training Program with Dr. Frank Wildman in June, 2014. She is grateful to be learning daily about the myriad benefits of the method, as well as to have the privilege of helping others learn to address and avoid injury, develop self-awareness, have more ease, and effort less.

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