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In person & Online

Thursdays @ 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Starts June 6, 2024


BeliRaq Dance Fitness
Shake, step, and sway your hips towards better health! Feel the joy of exercise and the love of dance! Since Andrea de Gruchy founded BeliRaq Dance Fitness in 2011, it has captivated fitness seekers with a flair ever since. This unique workout modality uses belly dance moves to engage the whole body. 

Let yourself be guided into gentle stretches and body isolations. Add faster movements for a well-balanced cardio workout inspired by the beat of drum solos. A dynamic class, BeliRaq enhances your core muscles, flexibility, and stamina. 

The foundation of movement comes from our lower body. As we strengthen muscles in our feet, ankles, legs, and core, we gain better balance and get a more efficient workout. People of all fitness levels can benefit from this engaging, interactive class. 

Let BeliRaq be your fitness worth dancing for!

Student Testimonials:

“If you’re looking for workouts that will rock your world, look no further because BeliRaq Dance Fitness is what you’re looking for. NO PREVIOUS belly dancing experience required.  It is fun, easy to learn and you’ll never want it to end. The first time I tried it, I had so much fun. It works out your whole entire body. BeliRaq Dance Fitness also incorporates weights as part of the workout routines. Overall, it’s been an amazing experience. I am looking forward to my next class!”
– Yer W.

“Sitting here thinking of how BeliRaq and Andrea have impacted my life, I will share a couple so I am not writing a book. For me it brings me mental clarity and keeps me focused on my fitness goals.”
– Chris Bradley

“We were kickin’ it BeliRaq Dance Fitness style!  LOVE this class, love these ladies. Truly my Weekly Sanity.”
– Barbara Dobbins

Andrea De Gruchy

Andrea de Gruchy is one of those amazing people who has founded her own exercise technique! She launched BeliRaq Dance Fitness in 2011 to combine her two passions: working out and dancing – and to share this passion with others. 

Andre loves to see her students’ faces light up as they feel the rhythms and experience themselves energetically come alive to the movements of BeliRaq. She created BeliRaq for her movers’ ongoing wellness journey.

Specializing in Egyptian cabaret and belly dance, with a background jazz, latin dance, ballroom, hip hop, African, lyrical, modern, and musical dance performance, Andrea’s wide dance experience inspires the dynamic movements that fill her classes. 

Andrea has been a fitness instructor in 2011 and a personal trainer in 2019. Her enthusiasm and joy fill the room. Her classes are open to all experience levels, and made to inspire, uplift, and get people moving towards increased physical fitness with a smile!


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