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Wednesdays 7:15 – 8:15 pm. HST

Unwind from the day and prepare the body, mind and soul for a deep and restful sleep.

Sometimes it’s difficult to quiet the mind to allow our bodies to relax. One of the ways we can support ourselves before sleep is by pressing, holding, and stretching our muscles.
Our bodies are always working for our good. Let us begin by expressing gratitude to our bodies through gentle movement and music.

We use a technique called self-myofascial release. Using a tennis ball or foam roller we softly press into several typical tight muscles, one at a time, through the whole body. Pressing into the muscle and holding soft pressure initiates its release from tight tension. This release allows our bodies to receive a deeper stretch and soothes us into feeling more relaxed and ready to rest. We end with a savasana and a relaxing guided meditation.



Andrea De Gruchy

Andrea de Gruchy is one of those amazing people who has founded her own exercise technique! She launched BeliRaq Dance Fitness in 2011 to combine her two passions: working out and dancing – and to share this passion with others.

Andre loves to see her students’ faces light up as they feel the rhythms and experience themselves energetically come alive to the movements of BeliRaq. She created BeliRaq for her movers’ ongoing wellness journey.

Specializing in Egyptian cabaret and belly dance, with a background jazz, latin dance, ballroom, hip hop, African, lyrical, modern, and musical dance performance, Andrea’s wide dance experience inspires the dynamic movements that fill her classes.

Andrea has been a fitness instructor in 2011 and a personal trainer in 2019. Her enthusiasm and joy fill the room. Her classes are open to all experience levels, and made to inspire, uplift, and get people moving towards increased physical fitness with a smile!

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