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November 12, 2018 

Soften, center, strengthen and balance your body and mind with Hatha Yoga. Open to all levels, this class leads you through gentle yet powerful postures and movements (asana). Your teacher combines yogic movement with meditation (dhyana), breath work (pranayama) and healing touch. You are encouraged to focus on proper body alignment to make it easier and safer to hold each pose through several breaths.


Alessandra Lopes



With Alessandra anyone of any age can practice yoga in an non-competitive way. Most importantly, she encourages you to practice self love while practicing yoga. Alessandra uses the holistic lifestyle approach in teaching. Her life’s purpose is to help others to access unlimited possibilities through yoga, healing, wellness and women’s gatherings.

Alessandra is a Brazilian yoga teacher who’s been teaching adults and kids in Hawaii for many years. She’s a certified Women’s Yoga Teacher and she was in the first group of Women’s yoga teachers to graduate in the U.S. from Matilda Videgard. She is also a certified Open Heart Yoga teacher from worldwide famous yoga instructor Dr. Melissa West, and she follows her teachings of Real Yoga for Real People. In addition to that, Alessandra teaches yoga for kids at Waialae Elementary school and small classes at the Kapiolani Park. Alessandra is also a health and wellness coach.

Alessandra has also created a class called ‘Brazilian Yoga Fusion” that is also a type of Women’s yoga mixing yoga strengthening movements with other exercises that target the areas that women like to work out hips, tights, glutes, abs and arms.


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