Bodywork with Regina Lumsden

Swedish Massage
This Swedish style massage uses classic effleurage and petrissage techniques to improve circulation and relax muscles. Long, short and percussive strokes are also applied with the goal of free movement for the joints.
60 min/$85; 75 min /$99; 90 min/$115

Body Journey Work
Transformational bodywork helps to release physical and emotional memories held in our fascia. This very down-to-earth massage therapy holds a deep purpose clients’ healing journey.
60 min/$95; 75 min /$110; 90 min/$125

Deep Tissue Myofascial Release
The focus of this massage is rehabilitation and pain management. It employs a mix of Eastern Technique and pattern theory paired with Western anatomical and medical knowledge.
60 min/$95; 75 min /$110; 90 min/$125

Couples Massage
Enjoy side by side massages with your loved-one, delivered by a pair of our highly skilled therapists in our beautifully appointed studio. Double the bliss!
90min $250/pair, 120min $325/pair

Regina Lumsden

Dance and massage combine naturally in Regina’s life work, cultivating freer movement in the body.

Regina probably danced before she walked! Growing up with the wall-to-wall rhythms of life in Brazil, her body moves to the music as easily as a dandelion puff floats on the wind. Classically trained in ballet, modern dance and jazz, her body naturally models great alignment. Samba flows through her like a multi-streamed river. She performed in a contemporary dance company for 5 years.

She studied Spacial Dynamics (aligning the physical, ego and soul) and Eurythmy (also known as “soul gymnastics”) in England – both of which she learned to use for therapeutic purposes with children. She also practiced Waldorf’s Sensory Integration and Neurodevelopmental Movement Therapy while teaching for years at Waldorf school in Honolulu, sharing her child-heart warmth. At Waldorf she taught both children and adults to move consciously, purposefully.

Due to a devastating bike/car accident, Regina had to teach herself to walk again. This she did with strong visualization practices. Regina recalls, “In 2007 I had a car/bicycle accident that was life changing. Through this deep experience I was blessed with the realization that our mindset deeply influences our lives and that bodywork can be transformational at physical, emotional and spiritual levels. It is about committing to ourselves as we go through our journey in life.”

A few years after a full recovery from her accident, Regina stepped out of her teaching career to give her attention to healing bodywork therapy as a licensed massage therapist. Regina is motivated by her clients’ journey of moving out and away from physical and emotional pain as she applies the work with them. She is thrilled to watch her clients becoming more and more empowered, centered, grounded and finding their inner peace as she works with them.

All of these practice prepared the soil for Regina’s growth in Nia. Regina earned her Nia White Belt from Winalee Zeeb in 2017.

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