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Thursdays 9:15 -10:30 am HST


Explore strength and freedom of movement in all ranges of motion. We’ll focus especially on the main articulations of the body: the shoulders and hips.

Develop your strength, stability, relaxation, and balance. This slow-paced, steady flow class enables students of all levels to engage in mindful movement. As you move through asana (posture) sequences, your teacher guides you through mindful body scanning to connect more deeply with your body, breath, and mind.

Functional movement patterns and sequences bring you towards better balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. Consistently applying what you learn from these exercises will positively impact your quality of life and give you more resilience during daily activities.

Your teacher helps you focus on the alignment and form that supports the body’s structure and its many internal systems. You can modify the practice level as needed to meet your personal needs.

Julien Gagnon

Julien seeks to promote yoga for the development of positive human qualities.

With patience and respect, Julien transmits his passion for movement and yoga to his students, mindful of the founding principles of yoga that prioritize autonomy. He skillfully adapts his teaching to his different students’ needs.Julien is a teacher of great expertise, highly regarded in his field and appreciated for his methodical approach.

Julien teaches yoga at several renowned studios in Montréal, Canada. His original training being in professional dance, Julien feels a strong synergy between the two disciplines and can travel between the two with ease. Convinced that yoga leads to a deep understanding of the body and movement, he wishes to take yoga off the beaten path and introduce aspects of yoga to a variety of fields.

“For me, intelligent movement is about respecting our anatomical capacities to better achieve our potential. When we acquire and understand this knowledge, it can be applied to virtually any activity. In fact, I am convinced that the greatest performances are achieved through intelligent movement.”

An experienced teacher himself, Julien has taken the opportunity, over the last 20 years, to train with Ramanand Patel in Germany and to study with Judith Lasater, Patricia Walden and Manouso Manos, the 4 most experienced Occidental students of Master Iyengar. These master trainers profoundly influence his teaching. He was also selected to assist Richard Friedman as he led teacher trainings in Montreal.

In addition to studying with these leading teachers of yoga, Julien continues to seek out other movement specialists, such as osteopaths, physiotherapists and biomechanic specialists, including Joanna Abbatt, to augment his knowledge. He seeks to create a bridge between traditional yoga, anchored in its cultural heritage, and 21st century scientific practice. The symbiosis of these two combine to create what he considers is the truth, regarding postures, which he helps each student to find their own way into.

A pioneer of yoga for athletes in Quebec, Julien co-founded Asana Performance, a yoga school dedicated to athletes and based on a deep understanding of anatomy and biomechanics. He creates themed workshops and specific teacher trainings to integrate yoga into an athlete’s daily practice.

Julien has traveled to Indian several times to study meditation with highly experienced teachers and seeks out those with decades of knowledge and practice to illuminate his personal path. He is currently finishing his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology.

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