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Private Yoga Therapy sessions with Andre Haralyi

$100 (60min)

$130 for an initial consultation (90min) 

$450 for a 5 pack (60min each)


Yoga therapy is a holistic practice developed from the ancient wisdom of Yoga that aims to help in the prevention, treatment, and palliative care of those suffering from a variety of physical, physiological, and psychological health conditions and simply to improve overall health, promote longevity and well-being. Yoga Therapy treats the individual as a whole and adopts a vast range of Yogic techniques to suit the specific needs of each individual.

Unlike conventional medicine which focuses on treating symptoms on the physical level only, Yoga Therapy helps each person holistically restore their natural balance of the body-mind. Each person is guided to increase their awareness and integrate healing at all levels of existence. Since this approach is holistic, better results should be expected in comparison to conventional approaches that tend to focus on a single aspect of a disease, ignoring the other less manifested concomitant factors.

Scientific researchers have studied Yoga Therapy techniques, both in the physical and mental realms, and documented their efficiency and health benefits. When safely practiced, Yoga Therapy has no contra-indications or side effects harmful to the body or mind, as is common in conventional healing especially when invasive methods or drugs are used.

Yoga Therapy is traditionally done through individual consultations, but can also be offered in group sessions in which participants have a similar health condition and/or seek similar therapeutic outcomes.

“Any state of deviation from the ideal condition (sattva) is a state of disease – lack of harmony – and to re-establish this harmony through Yogic techniques is Yoga Therapy.”


Yoga Therapy

“Any state of deviation from the ideal condition (sattva) is a state of disease – lack of harmony – and to re-establish this harmony through Yogic techniques is Yoga Therapy.” 


The ultimate goal of any Yoga Therapy program is fourfold: to restore harmony at the physical, physiological, psychological, and spiritual levels.


On this level, Yoga Therapy intends to remove any physical disturbances, resulting in: 

  1. Balance in body weight
  2. Increase in vitality
  3. Proper nutrition for the body
  4. Removal of toxins
  5. Increased body efficiency
  6. Removal of excess phlegm and fat
  7. Increased flexibility
  8. Increased muscle strength
  9. Improved balance
  10. Improved posture
  11. Improved joint health
  12. Increased control of bodily functions
  13. Improved bowel functions
  14. Release or reduction of pain


On this level, Yoga Therapy intends to eliminate any physiological disturbances, resulting in:

  1. Improved immune functions
  2. Improved flow of vital energy in the body
  3. Improving the body’s overall efficiency
  4. Balancing the nervous system
  5. Improved lung functions
  6. Reduced levels of stress hormones
  7. Reduced levels of blood sugar
  8. Reduced  blood pressure


On this level, Yoga Therapy may adopt restraints (yama) and observances (niyama) which intend to regulate our internal and external relationships by eliminating moral and emotional disturbances, along with sense withdrawal (pratyāhāra) which intends to remove any sensory disturbances, and at last but not least, concentration (dhārana), meditation (dhyāna) and absorption (samādhi) which combined intend to remove any psychological disturbances, resulting in:

  1. Improved psychological health
  2. Healthier habits
  3. Improved relationships
  4. Empowerment
  5. Improved brain functions
  6. Increased awareness 
  7. Release of harmful emotions


On this level, Yoga Therapy may foster spiritual growth, connection with our true Self, and inner freedom.

“In order to practice Yoga, you don’t need to believe in anything other than the possibility that you can transform yourself, that you can go beyond your present understanding and experience of the world. And more importantly, you can go beyond your egocentric state of existence. Yoga is spirituality, meaning a self-transcending practice. Yoga benefits all those who aim for personal transformation. And Yoga does so by balancing the nervous system and stilling the mind through its various exercises.”       –  Georg Feuerstein Ph.D.

Andre Haralyi

For Andre, yoga is so much more than just a set of exercises, folding and unfolding the body. Yoga becomes therapeutic in living a more wholesome life. Andre’s students enjoy his genuine joy in sharing the healing benefits of yoga therapy with everyone who enters his class. As a highly energetic person, Andre’s undercurrent of ‘still water” runs deep and powerfully. Having practiced Yoga since 2000, Andre was one of the first to receive a Master Degree in Yoga Studies from Loyola Marymount University.  He is a certified Yoga Therapist (IAYT) and Health Coach (ACE). 

Andre’s previous experience includes a clinical internship at the chronic pain department of Venice Family Clinic in Los Angeles, a clinical internship at the oncology department of the Integrative Medicine Group at Albert Einstein Hospital in Brazil, and lecturing at the Physical Education Department at University of Southern California where he taught Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Stress Management and Health Coaching. At USC he was also responsible for creating the first experiential Yoga Therapy program focusing on the student population in United States.

His current work focuses on the prevention and treatment of stress-related health conditions, the improvement of overall health, the promotion of well being, healthy aging and longevity. Andre cares, and that care in shines through his yoga therapy practice to his students and clients.

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