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By Renée Tillotson

Thanks to Matt Johnson, founder and CEO of Oahu Fresh, being an enthusiastic yoga student of ours, Still & Moving Center has just become the newest pick-up location for the Oahu Fresh CSA program!

Our Still & Moving Pick-up Schedule will be: every Tuesday between 4:00pm to 8:00pm.

The Oahu Fresh CSA program makes it easy and convenient for you to get the freshest selection of locally grown produce and food products from farms across the island.

From eggplant, potatoes, and baby greens to ulu, bananas and avocados, each Farmer’s Market CSA bag will include a balanced selection of 6 to 7 of the best vegetables and fruits available on the island each week. Additional options and bag selections available as well! Visit OahuFresh.com to view CSA options and sign up for the bag of your choice!

And remember to select Still & Moving Center as your pick-up location if Tuesday evenings work for you!

Oahu Fresh is made up of a network of local farms. They connect their members, including families, restaurants, stores, hotels, and schools, to locally grown products. They deliver a weekly bag of farm-fresh produce directly to homes, offices or centralized pickup locations.

Their farming partners grow the freshest, tastiest produce that you can find, ranging from lettuce, squashes, tomatoes, tropical fruits, herbs and much more!

Oahu Fresh works with a variety of local farms using different growing practices. Those farms include: Punalu`u Ahupua`a Farms, Ho Farms, Kakoo Oiwi, Kama`aina Plant, Kahumana Organic Farm, Mari’s Garden, Nalo Farms, Pacific Gateway Center, Small Kine Farms, Twin Bridge Farms, Maui Gold, Pineapple Co, Kunia Country Farms, and Kualoa Ranch.

When someone asks if the products Oahu Fresh uses are organic, they always ask back if the asker means “Certified Organic” or not certified but still using organic practices. To be certified by the USDA, not only does the farmer need to follow a certain set of growing practices, they also need to complete a series of recordkeeping processes to be able to prove to a 3rd party auditor they are properly following the organic guidelines established by the USDA.

The one common connector is that the farms that Oahu Fresh works with use Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), which applies to both certified organic and conventional growers. GAP controls the practices of the farm by regulating planting methods, following all guidelines for any fertilizers or pesticides (organic & conventional) used, as well as treatment of farm workers.


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