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Function and Flow Yoga – Move with Fluidity

Robin warmly invites you to experience the FLuidUs yoga practice. Appropriate for all levels, her class provides you with functional movement, natural breath mechanics, and balance through grounding – all for your daily life. As you move, you celebrate your body’s innate intelligence and rediscover fun! 

Robin’s preferred yoga technique – called FluidUs – arises from a deep understanding of the body’s myofascia and of Tom Meyers’ Anatomy Chains. Expect novel approaches to traditional postures and props, sincerity, a sense of humor, and fun!

As you move, you discover and celebrate your body’s innate intelligence. You find out how good it feels to flow from move to move in a full-body, integrated way. Robin teaches yoga with a light, listen-to-your-body approach to achieve genuine body satisfaction as the result. You’ll notice how these beneficial movement patterns help you unravel some of the habits and dysfunctional postures of our modern lifestyles.

PLEASE NOTE: In-person participants are welcome to wear masks.

Please bring your own yoga mat & props if possible (rentals available). If you have symptoms of COVID 19, please refrain from attending. Mahalo!



Robin Shepard

Robin Shepard
Yoga Alliance Registry # 212567

 Robin’s students enjoy her genuine enthusiasm and steadiness of experience. They find that regularly practicing yoga with her makes a difference in their bodies and their lives. Her classes help them to navigate the modern world. Robin sees yoga as a doorway, progressing from movement into meditation, awareness, understanding, and finally acceptance of ourselves and others. 

 Robin completed her foundational yoga teacher trainings with Suzanne Vian of Yoga Vietnam and her 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in the FluidUs Method with Carlos Tao. She has taught yoga for years and assisted with Yoga Teacher Trainings. Additionally, Robin is an experienced, registered Children’s Yoga Teacher and a Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider, with training in Pre-Natal and Post-Natal yoga. She is an Academy of Mindful Movement Trainee.

 Robin enjoys teaching both the young and the young-at-heart. As a life-long learner, she is fascinated by recent scientific discoveries around fascia and functional movement and their implications for the practice of yoga. This curiosity has fueled exploration and experimentation to create a style of movement that is playful and dynamic, with practical benefit for everyone from absolute beginners to more advanced practitioners. She is always looking for ways to deliver a more personal experience, with both sincerity and playfulness. She links functional movement skills, breath mechanics, and novel approaches to traditional poses to increase somatic awareness, mobility, and build an organic mind/body connection. 

 Having purchased a home here in 2014, Robin is delighted to finally call Honolulu home. Originally a native of the Pacific Northwest, Robin used to visit our islands, often. Robin spent the last 13 years traveling, raising her family, and acquiring knowledge and skills in Guangzho and Shanghai, China, as well as  Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, where she felt lucky to have been a part of the vibrant yoga culture.  Robin brings a wealth of world experience and cultural appreciation to Still & Moving Center.


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