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Aerial Privates with Still & Moving Center Faculty

1 session 60min – $95.00

1 session 90min –  $120.00

Private Aerial sessions with any of our Still & Moving Center Aerial faculty are available in the following specialties:

  • AIReal yoga
  • AIReal Restorative yoga
  • Aerial silks
  • Aerial lyra
  • Aerial hammock dance
  • Occupational Therapy with aerial movement

Private instruction is a great introduction to the practice as well as a way to deepen your existing understanding of this exciting modality. Your coach or instructor can work with you for a single session, or arrange for a series of sessions. Some students/clients learn and make more progress in a one-on-one session than in class setting. Sometimes you have a specific problem or need at the moment – a little bump in the road, so to speak – that you could use some assistance getting over. Perhaps you want to learn at an accelerated pace. We have a coach or instructor for you!

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