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Acupuncture with Jonah Chin, L.Ac.

1st Initial Exam & Treatment: 90mins/$172
Patient follow-up treatment: 60mins/$142
Private lessons (Qigong, Medicinal movement, Kendo):
1 session 60min session: $142
5 pack: $600
1 session $300

 Jonah Chin (L.Ac.), a licensed acupuncturist in Hawaii, practiced acupuncture in Seattle Washington for 16 years before moving to Honolulu. He received the Diploma of Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology at Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

As a dedicated practitioner of the ancient art of pulse diagnosis, Jonah is advancing the application of acupuncture to treat illness at every level of experience: physical, mental and emotional. At Still & Moving Center, Jonah’s treatments largely focus on pain management: Acute, Chronic, Shoulder, Lower Back and Knee Pain.

Private Lessons

1. KoBang Qigong

KoBang Qigong challenges you to self-heal. This ancient, fairly intense form of qigong serves as the basic healing practice for KoBang’s (Old Way). Circulating qi (energy/breath of life) through the body in stationary, standing positions, our intent is to increase concentration, stamina, bone density and bone marrow production of blood cells. Even in seemingly still positions, we attain a perspiring workout doing this form of qigong. When we circulate qi we energize all the body meridians referred to in classical Oriental medicine.

2. Medicinal Movement
Become healthier and feel younger with Medicinal Movement! Life itself is Energy. Everything around us is Energy. The future medicine is Qi (Energy). Free all your joints from stiffness, control your breath and calm your mind to help the flow of Energy to every part of your body. If KoBang Qigong feels too rigorous, please explore this more accessible form of qigong. Rejuvenate yourself!
Learn and benefit from:

  • Basic standing Qigong postures (KoBang/Old Way style)
  • Sitting Qigong
  • Effective breathing
  • Restoring Vital Energy (Qi)
  • Stopping/preventing physical deterioration
  • Enhanced nervous system
  • Self-healing massage
  • Tissue regeneration and increased bone density
  • Techniques to build Qi to self heal.

3. Kendo Basics for Health
Kendo translates as “way of the sword” in Japanese. The intention is to enhance healthy reflexes, coordination and balance. The basic disciplines and moves of Kendo’s bamboo sword, supplemented by the foam sword, can provide an effective cross-training to qigong. The swifter movement and lightness of foot of Kendo counterbalance qigong’s long-held poses. While full development of Kendo results in a martial art or sports-like sparring, health is the goal of this practice.

4. Swordsmanship
Sword cuts into two pieces.
Cutting two pieces is easy,
Cutting two into ONE is harder part.
YOU don’t cut the opponent,
It is against the universal law,
YOU cut two into ONE,
Ultimate swordsmanship of Samurai.
JinGum (Iaido) – single blade sword
Art of Drawing the Sword
Calmness of mind
Enhance the nervous system
Enhance physical agility
Be one with the sword as extension of the body
Teacher approval in advance required to attend private sessions.
Aloha… I was so impressed by the session with Jonah. My spirit felt that I had finally found what I’ve been desperately
seeking for months now.
I feel blessed.

Master Jonah Chin

Master Chin’s martial arts training goes back over 40 years, having started when he was 5 years old. He has since disciplined himself in one of Korea’s oldest Daoist medicinal lineages for over 25 years. His practices include traditional qigong, iaido, kendo and acupuncture. Even his seemingly martial practices ultimately bear the stamp of his dedication to healing and actually self-evolving into a higher level of awareness and wholeness.
“Master” is the closest English translation of a traditional Korean title that means both “teacher” and “exemplar”: one who exemplifies in his life what it is that he teaches.

  • KoBang Daoist Qigong – Master
  • Lynnwood Kendo Club – Master
  • Mugairyu Iaido (7th degree) – Master
  • Dae Han Moo Do Guan (Kendo) (5th degree)
  • Master martial arts teacher, proprietor and L.Ac. of GoBang Acupuncture Clinic, Edmonds, Washington 2001 to 2017.
  • USKSF (United States Kuo Shu Federation) Baltimore (1st prize in Contact Weapon Sparring Division in 2014)Dao Source Seminars (New York, Seattle, Arizona) in 2009 & 2010.
  • Mugairyu Iaido and Kendo Demonstration (Korean Cultural Festival 2006)
  • Homosanctus Boot Camp 2006 (Teaching Sihk yoga masters)
  • Khalsa Men’s Camp VBC 2006 (Invited as Daoist Qigong Master)
  • Mugairyu Iaido Demonstration (Japanese Cultural Festival 2003)
  • Wushu Tournament in San Francisco (1st prize in Contact Weapon Sparring Division in 2001)
  • Jungyae Moosul (Complete Martial Art) Chief Instructor (1992-1994)

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