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“I cannot do all the good that the world needs. But the world needs all the good that I can do.”

― Jana Stanfield

The challenging times that have arisen bring the ever-more-present need for us to do what we can to make our corner a little better. Please help us honor two recent Good Deed-ers: Anastasia Flanagan and Irene Irons for their efforts on behalf of the community.

Anastasia Flanagan



Anastasia Flanagan particularly likes to belly dance with us at Still & Moving Center. More recently, since her baby daughter’s birth, she has enjoyed kuma Mālia’s Oli (Hawaiian chanting) classes. Anastasia recently shared with us some of the ways she brings a touch of joy as she moves through life, undoubtedly uplifting those around her.

On her daily walks at beaches of Waimanalo, Anastasia has started a regular practice of cleaning up the trash that she finds on the shores. She understands that by caring for the spaces she inhabits, the spaces can in turn continue to care for all of us. Wonderful!

Anastasia has also been sharing aloha with her friends and her elderly landlord. When Hawaii went into quarantine and going out became a risk for her 80 year old landlord, Anastasia began delivering her grocery items, as well as making special trips for her to Costco.

Living with access to abundant, delicious tropical fruits in the backyard, she has also been distributing limes, bananas, soursops, oranges, coconuts, and moringa to her neighbors and friends. Joy for everyone!

Irene Irons



Irene Irons saw that she could assist with her community’s imminent need for childcare. She answered the call of duty, and in one week offered 8 hours of free childcare to two different families. What giant relief to the families, and a fun change of pace for the children! She also made trips to the grocery store for two of her elderly neighbors. These good deeds supplemented Irene’s payment for her Trauma Yoga teacher training at Still & Moving Center.

While sharing physical space continues to be problematic within our community, we each have the ability to bring more ease and joy by extending help and kindness to others – with spatial distance when needed. You can even be on the Still & Moving Center Good Deed Squad without ever leaving home!

If you wonder what kind of good deeds you could do, see our suggestions. If you are already out doing good deeds, let us know! For those pinched by today’s economic hardships, your good deeds could even land you some free classes at Still & Moving Center. 

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