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Feldenkrais with Brigitte Kawakami

In-person only

Mondays  4:15 – 5:15 pm HST
Nov 1 to Jan 10, 2021

Saturdays 11:00 am – 12:00 pm HST
Nov 6 to Jan 8, 2021


Rediscover your innate capacity for effortless, organic, efficient, and graceful movement. Some students find themselves freed of years of pain that they thought they would have forever. Feldenkrais / Awareness through Movement lessons consist of gentle movement sequences that can eventually become more complex as you progress. After attending the classes for a while, you will find improved flexibility and breathing, coordination and balance. No prior experience necessary.


PLEASE NOTE: In order to continue to offer in-person classes, Still & Moving Center will require all in-person students to show proof of vaccination starting September 1, 2021. Please bring your vaccine card (photocopy or photo are also acceptable) with you to verify with the front desk prior to your next in-person class. Verification will be noted so that you will only need to show your vaccine card once. We will not store a visual record of your personal information.

The vaccination requirement is only one part of helping keep our community safe and healthy. All other protocols still stand: You will be temperature checked and expected to maintain masks, social distancing and hand sanitizing at all times. Please bring your own yoga mat and props if possible (rentals available). If you have symptoms of COVID 19, please refrain from attending.


Brigitte Kawakami

The Feldenkrais method has dramatically changed Brigitte Kawakami’s life. Bebe – as she is fondly called – encourages her students to “grow younger with Feldenkrais.”

Brigitte was born to a family in Austria, where alpine hiking and downhill skiing were part of their physically active lifestyle. In 1976, Bebe came to the US, and eventually to Hawaii where she married a wonderful local man.

Crossing the street one day, Brigitte was struck by a car and tossed into the air. After that, she suffered back pain for over 25 years. She tried Rolfing, chiropractic care, Pilates, yoga, and shiatsu massage…all helped, but only for a few days and the pain always came back.

Bebe discovered the Feldenkrais method with Eve Strauss in Honolulu and experienced relief. This led to further study and training with Jerry Karzen on Maui, and after practicing Feldenkrais for 8 months she was pain free. Her studies continued at the main Feldenkrais Institute in Vienna, Austria with Jeremy Krauss, Luci and Carl Ginsberg, and Miriam Pfeiffer. She is now more agile than she was even as a child!

As a Guild Certified Feldenkrais ® teacher herself now, Bebe is dedicated and passionate about the Feldenkrais method. Formerly kindergarten teacher, she is an enthusiastic instructor. She enjoys sharing the Feldenkrais technique in two ways: group classes (formally known as ATM – Awareness Through Movement) and one-on-one sessions (formally known as FI – Functional Integration lessons).

“I attended an excellent Feldenkrais class conducted by BB Kawakami last week (Mahalo BB!). This was my first time for the class and the Center. I was very impressed by both. My schedule does not allow me to embark on the Feldenkrais journey at this time but I now understand the benefits and how it needs to be a future priority. I have already told at least a dozen people about this great class! Mahalo and aloha.” – Pati St John Payne



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