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Try taking a day off from electronics and technology

By Sarah Hodges

Our lives are busy, and even in the “down time” we have all our big and little devices to occupy and enthrall us. So, how about a change of pace? What might you do with a day completely off “screen” time, offline, just out in the open air perhaps?

Some ideas: get into “spring” cleaning, no matter the time of year. Or you might try learning a new language! Get out a new or old art set and doodle, paint, draw and play. You might sing a song, ride a bike, or fly a kite.

Little discoveries can lead to bigger ones, and when we have real, quality downtime we just might unlock one of those quiet little ah-hahs that spring out from the more subtle parts of ourselves.

So, try a day off-screen, off-tech – you choose when and how often. If you feel reluctant, you may be a little more addicted to your devices than you want to admit. Dare yourself.

And who knows where that could lead?


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