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Choose one thing (big or small) that you thought you could not do… and go do it.

By Sarah Hodges

We often tell ourselves we are not capable of doing certain things. Some of these perceived limitations are well-founded – No, I cannot jump from one tall building to the next like spiderman, or speak Icelandic fluently without studying – but the greater number of these supposed limitations are unfounded. Nothing more than a limited belief pattern. As you step into a new year, add a little pizzazz to this year by exploring just how capable you are.

I would normally only consider myself to be able to read a book a month, and I challenged myself to see how many books I could read by the end of the year. I began at the end of November and joyfully devoured four books by the end of the year. I doubled what I thought I was capable of.

I previously believed that I was a slow reader and couldn’t read very many books in a short period of time. So, I decided to disprove this little thought pattern and see that I am capable of reading four books in one month. I have my motivation: the love of learning and traveling whether it be in person or through stories – AND – watching a belief pattern be dismantled with the power of will (pretty fun stuff!). 

A positive shift in perspective.

I know I don’t lack determination. If I really want to get something done or prove something to myself I’ll see the task through. So, I decided to finish the year and step into the new year with some avid reading. I got off to a running start and didn’t look back.

The benefit of doing something that you never thought you could, or had previously told yourself you could not, far outweighs the benefits of staying safely cradled in a limiting belief. Start with something small – saying a prayer every morning for a month without skipping a day, or successfully baking something you never thought you could – then go bigger once you prove to yourself your great capacity. Make sure to choose something specific and measurable to complete within a specific timeframe. 

Our capacity tends to far exceed what we are used to exercising in belief. Try this tip, and I promise you won’t be bored this year.

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