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Free your Eyes, Neck, Jaw and Shoulders! Intro to Feldenkrais® Workshop in Japanese – LIVE ONLINE, Interactive with Eva Alewa Geueke, translation by Eriko Jones

March 6, 2021, @ 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm HST

Saturday, March 6, 2021

2:30-5:30pm HST/    4:30-7:30pm PST/   7:30-10:30 pm EST/
March 07, 9:30-12:30 JST

Price: $79

Free your Eyes, Neck, Jaw and Shoulders!

Certified Feldenkrais® teacher Eva Geueke may change your life – or at least give you a wonderful “facelift” that will free your jaw, neck, shoulders and back! Learn to transform tension and pain with easy, efficient movement!

This workshop will be especially effective for tired eyes, stiff neck and shoulders being overused on computers and cell phones. The eyes direct our spine. For example if we look for many hours forward into a screen, our neck moves forward and shoulders up. This is often paired with shallow breathing and postural problems.  When our eyes are tight and tense our neck and posture will be tight and tense. 

Learn how to relieve tension and pain with simple and effective small movements, done mostly lying down. All of these Feldenkrais movements are simple and gentle. Once you have learned them, you can repeat them on your own. 

The Feldenkrais method was developed by Judo Black belt and physician Dr. M. Feldenkrais in the 1940s to help heal his severe sports injury. His method has helped thousands of people of all ages, world wide, to regain function and recover from injuries, tension and pain.

Dr. Feldenkrais understood that improving the function of the body starts with increasing the mind’s awareness of the body. With this new awareness, you re-pattern your movement, fascia and musculature. You drop excess effort and move with greater ease. Without even realizing it, you are resetting your nervous system. Your brain and body now work together more smoothly as you move.

This workshop is recommended for all hula dancers, active people, teleworkers and anyone who wants to feel younger and more mobile. People with chronic pain often find relief with the Feldenkrais® method.

All ages are welcome. Have a mat or rug on the floor. Dress comfortably and warm enough as the movement does not make you hot, and can be very relaxing.

Eva Alewa Geueke


Eva has been a guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioner for nearly 35 years. She came to the Feldenkrais Method® as a young professional dancer and it changed her understanding of brain, body, movement and therefore, herself forever.

Since completing the 4-year Professional Feldenkrais Training in 1987 she has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® internationally in thousands of private sessions, week long seminars, many hundreds of week-end workshops and evening classes.

Eva is also a teacher of Contemporary Dance, Qigong-Universal Tao of Mantak Chia, a IAO healer, a Capoeirista (Brazilian Martial Arts) and a choreographer. She also teaches Authentic Movement and Wave Continuum, a spin of Continuum Movement.


Eriko Jones 

Eriko serves as Still & Moving Center’s official Japanese/English translator of our website and as our contact person for all Japanese guests. She has traveled with and translated for our kumu hula (hula master) Malia Helela for since 2010. We prize Eriko’s warm graciousness as well as her excellent language skills.

Born in Tokyo and raised in Yokohama, Eriko moved to the USA in 1993 to attend college in San Diego, graduated from UCSD with B.S. Biology, and made her dream come true as a dolphin trainer! She also spent two years at a school in Los Angeles training to be an interpreter. With her American husband, their bilingual little boy, and many American and Japanese friends, she’s constantly working in both languages!

Eriko’s English/Japanese translation work, both written and spoken, has taken place in many settings: classes, workshops, in courts and law offices, hospitals, trade shows and business meetings. She does event planning and coordination, as well as marketing – mediating between the Japanese and English-speaking cultures.

Eriko is no ordinary translator. She goes into the ocean at sunrise for Hawaiian hiuwai ceremonies and hikes up mountains to interpret for hula dancers. She has spontaneously modeled clothing for our boutique and played a role of magician/deer in a performance. She even emceed for a hula performance at Ala Moana Center Stage one time!
As one of those rare individuals who has trained dolphins, Eriko evidently speaks a third language: Dolphin!

Eriko はスティル&ムービングセンターのオフィシャル通訳で、当センターのウェブサイトの翻訳や日本人ゲストからのお問い合わせなどにも対応しています。2010年から当センター専属のクム・フラ マリア へレラの通訳として日本やカウアイ島にも同行しました。我々はErikoの暖かく魅力的な人柄と素晴らしい言語能力スキルを高く評価しています。

イルカの調教をした事がある珍しい人物であるErikoは明らかに3ヶ国語を話します: ドルフィンズ (イルカ語)


I have taken 2 workshops with Eva and she is a wonderful instructor/therapist. These classes are very informative and have helped me tremendously in my knowledge of body mechanics and movement and making healing connections in my body. – Ruth

I loved Eva’s Feldenkrais class! My shoulder felt stiff and sore for almost a month. With just a few simple and gentle movements it was feeling so much better! My spine was stretched out and my feet were more evenly holding my body weight. I plan to take more classes in near future.  Thank you Eva. You are Excellent!!! – Diane

I like the variety of classes offered, and the Center’s focus on the mind-body-spirit connection. I particularly enjoy Eva Geueke’s Feldenkrais classes. The facilities are beautiful, and everyone is so warm and welcoming to students and guests. – John

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March 6, 2021,
2:30 pm - 5:30 pm HST
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