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Our “sparkle and shine” staffer, Doris Morisaki, officially carries the Still & Moving Center title: Ambassador of Aloha. As of January 31, 2019, she also became only the 3rd person in memory gain the title of 31 Day Challenger by attending or teaching at least one class per day during the entire month of January. In fact, she took or taught 49 classes last month. Quite a feat! Sending off a 31 gun salute to Doris!  We also want to proudly recognize all of our other Challengers – students, teachers and staff – who reached either the 11 day or 21 day mark of taking classes in January (see the list below). More people joined this year’s challenge than ever before, partly thanks Doris heartily encouraging everyone. We even had to add supplemental lines to the bottom of our chart to include everyone’s name! For every day that every challenger took or taught class in January – whether they met their aim or not – Still & Moving Center is contributing $1 to the wonderful non-profit for young girls, Ho’ōla Nā Pua for a total of $504 for 504 total days of Challengers taking classes.  Many Challengers are also contributing matching funds, so that amount will rise. We feel so gratified with everyone’s steps in January to improve their own health and also contribute to the wellbeing of others!  

Here is a full list of our Aiming High Challengers:

31 Days:
Doris Morisaki (49)

21 Days:
Jacinta Davis (25)
Abhilasha Kumar (21)
Eva Geueke (21)

11 Days:

Julie Peterson (19)
Kat Uyemura (18)
Esther Genter (18)
Malia Helela (17)
Veda Garg (17)
Elaina Malm (16)
Melanie Sue (15)
Laurie Wong-Nowinski (15)
Kendra Gillis (14)
Christine Keller (14)
Lynn Morgan (14)
Sheila Wrede (13)
Shirley McCullough (12)
Surapee Sartrapai (12)
John Engstrom (12)
Iya Garg (11)
Mark Morisaki (11)
Laurel Pikcunas (11)

Other participants:  Dixie Kaetsu, Moki Hino, Keiko Best, Martha Welch, Renee Tillotson, Neela Vadivel, Rena Dumas, Pulelehua, Lani Kwon, Shelley Galang, Gigi Longyear, Jenny Jamrog, Yukako Tachibana, Susan Foard, Donna Ando, Cindy Nawilis, Teresa Purugganan, Miku Lenentine, Phyllis Engstrom, Celia Cheng, Michele Rupert

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