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By Rénee Tillotson

Whether or not you’ve done it recently, do you remember the feeling of wind ruffling through your hair as your legs stride long and your arms swing strong? That free spirit of running? It feels so great! 

So let’s just do it! Let’s just run. Let’s run whenever our spirit feels the need to move. 

Run with your dog, 

Chase a kitten, 

Chase a child, 

just for the pure fun of it, everybody laughing! 

Dash down your driveway to get the paper, 

Dash to your mailbox for a letter!

Get a little silly and run after a family member to give them an extra kiss goodbye 

or out to the car to greet your guests coming in. 

Run long, run short, run in between. 

Feel like the god Hermes or Mercury with wings upon your feet. Feel free-spirited, lighthearted, bold and free! Run!

Run to feel the speed of light, your lungs pumping, your feet pounding their rhythm onto the earth and your heart thrumming its pulse into your ears.

No hurry, just run. No pressure. Just run. Run to get there, run to find stillness. Run just to run!

Run to catch something. Run to lose something. Run to fly!

Run ‘cause you can. Run ‘cause you want to. Run for no dang reason at all.


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