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Qigong is the Chinese internal art of cultivating one’s vital energy. In this class, taught by Bruno Ballestrero, we train a variety of exercises aimed at improving our overall health and wellbeing, including strengthening the immune system, “cleaning” the mind, and calming the emotions. Specific exercises derive from the Tai Ji Qigong, Ba Duan Jin (eight piece brocade) and Hun Yuan Chen style methods. We close our classes with seated stretches to ensure a complete training regimen that includes appropriate relaxation and extension of the principal muscular chains. Bruno Ballestrero has trained in the traditional Chinese martial arts since 1999 and taught since 2004, including several at Still and Moving Center. He currently lives in Argentina.

Bruno Ballestrero

Traditional Chinese martial arts have formed the center of Bruno Ballestrero’s life since 1999. Bruno’s sincere dedication to these practices seeps through everything he does. He engages his students with patience and the confidence that each can progress strongly at their own level. He models his movement practices with precision and a cool inner fire. 

Bruno has taught tai chi, chi kung (qigong), and Shaolin kung fu professionally since 2004, and enjoys sharing these centuries-old practices as powerful tools for mental, physical, and spiritual health today. He lived in Hawai‘i from 2012-2019 and directed a martial arts and wellness center in Kailua before returning to his native Argentina. He is currently a student of Chen Zhonghua, founder of the “Practical Method” of Chen style tai chi, with whom he has studied in the U.S., Canada, and China.

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