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In life, as in dance, follow that internal sense of music that is always playing within you.

By Elizabeth Lenz-Hill


Most dance teachers conduct their classes by calling out the counts. “And a ONE, and two and three and four.” I had a wonderful dance teacher who acknowledged that counting the beats helps keep the dancers in unison. However, if the dancers are strictly thinking counts, they’re missing the musicality and the quality of the movement. 

Same in life. 

 Our teacher would constantly make sounds almost like a jazz singer, “scatting” while she was teaching movement phrases or choreography. And she would encourage us to be singing those songs, or series of sounds, to ourselves as we were dancing. And I did.

 So, if you find yourself getting stuck on the counts – like checking off boxes of some life plan – try listening for the deeper melodies of your life, and move to that!

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