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By Renée Tillotson


When it comes to family and long-time friends, we feel as if we know their life history, their favorite foods and their pet peeves. We feel as if we can often accurately predict the next word out of their mouth or the next expression that will cross their face.

And they frequently fulfill our expectations – for better or for worse – reinforcing our conviction that we’ve got that person wired and dialed. 

But guess what… Every single one of us is a mystery box unto ourselves. No one can truly know how we will change, grow, assimilate and learn from our life experiences. No one can fully predict our next evolutionary leap.

So why should we think that we can fully predict anyone else?

Let’s loosen up our mental hold on who we think anyone else. Let’s allow our dear ones to develop in ways we would never expect. Don’t we want that freedom for ourselves?

Let’s take the lid off the box of expectations that we tend to keep our loved ones in… and prepare to enjoy the surprise of what might pop out!

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