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Whether you are coming with a fitness interest admiring the dancer’s grace and posture, or as an active dancer wanting to enhance your physicality, this class is an easy-to-follow workout that will lengthen, activate, and strengthen your body. Movements are focused in SAFE actions for the body that all fitness levels can do. Blending the best of ballet, barre, strength, yoga, and Pilates for a complete body conditioning workout, this program emphasizes range of motion and functional movement that will help you meet the physical demands of your everyday life with an elegant resilience. 

Maile Labason Severson

Ever seen a huge poster at the YMCA of a bright-eyed, dark-haired woman jumping for joy with a beautiful smile? That’s Maile. Students love taking Maile’s classes for the infectious good cheer and confidence that she shares. Along-time fan of Still & Moving Center, Maile is excited to be a part of this community and to share the joy of moving in a safe, fun and mindful environment.

Maile became a certified group fitness instructor more than 30 years ago to support herself through graduate school. Little did she know that despite an active family life and busy professional career, she wouldn’t feel complete without continuing teaching fitness. She sees movement as a key factor in maintaining a balanced, happy, healthy life. Maile’s many certifications include Barre Above.

Whether it’s teaching yoga, Zumba, dance, strength-training, barre, or any other format, for Maile it must involve fun to be worth doing.

Maile fell in love with yoga when she was pregnant with her first child 18 years ago, and it helped her through a challenging birthing experience. Obtaining her Registered Yoga Teaching certification, Maile was delighted to discover that yogic philosophy enhances and blends perfectly with her Psychology practice. Maile is inspired to share the many ways that yoga can promote inner mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as outer physical health.  Maile is committed to providing a welcoming, accepting context for her students to access the best versions of who they already are.

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