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Introduction to Feldenkrais with Japanese translation はじめてのフェルデンクライス 〜日本語通訳付き・ライブ・オンライン交流型ワークショップ LIVE ONLINE, Interactive with Eva Alewa Geueke & Eriko Jones

August 14, 2021, @ 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm HST

Saturday August 14, 2021

3:30 – 6:30 pm HST 

(日本時間:8月15日(日) 10:30 am -1:30 pm JST)


20%  discount for Golden Circle & Platinum Members

(Read in Japanese 日本語)


Experience this amazingly effective yet gentle movement modality: The Feldenkrais Method®. Regenerate your nervous system and free your neck, shoulders and hips with U.S. Feldenkrais® Guild certified teacher, Eva Alewa Geueke. This workshop will be translated to Japanese by Eriko Jones. 

In this workshop you will do gentle, often small movements, put together in such a way that the exercises retrain muscle coordination, freeing connective tissue and bones to gain mobility. You will do most of the exercises lying down on a mat.

You can dissolve tension and pain with careful awareness and effective, smart movements. You learn to move your hips more freely, to walk powerfully, and add joy to your dancing. You lengthen your neck and gain mobility in your shoulder girdle, bringing free movement to your body — like when you were a child. 

When your joints are free to move and there is no extra tension in the muscles and ligaments, you experience calm and comfort in your whole being.

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais developed the Feldenkrais Method® to help his severely injured knee. As a physician and a black belt Judoka of the first generation in Europe, Dr. Feldenkrais understood how the body and brain/nervous system work together with the mind. He was one of the early pioneers of Neuroplasticity. His movement method that has helped many thousands of people of all ages, all over the world, to regain function and recover from injuries, tension and pain.

The Feldenkrais Method® is a well-studied method of adjusting and healing the body and mind that is widely popular in Europe and in the United States. Dr Feldenkrais understood that learning to improve functioning on all levels starts with awareness. In order to better and repattern your movement coordination and musculature, you learn to increase awareness and drop excess effort. You will gain a better understanding of how your brain and body work together as you move. 

This Feldenkrais® workshop is recommended for all hula dancers, active people, teleworkers and anyone who wants to feel younger and more mobile. These subtle movements work especially effective well on stiff eyes, neck, jaw and shoulders that are tired from using a computer or smartphone. All of these movements are simple and gentle, and once you learn them you can repeat them at home. 

All ages are welcome and all you need is a mat on the floor. Dress comfortably and warm enough as the movement does not make you hot and is very relaxing.

Eva Alewa Geueke  エヴァ・アレヴァ・ゴイケ

Students appreciate Eva’s sincere care for their health and excellence on every level. Her range of personal experience in various moving art forms and her understanding of movement in the human body are vast. 

Eva Alewa Geueke has been a guild certified Feldenkrais® practitioner since 1987. She came to the Feldenkrais Method® as a young professional dancer and it changed her understanding of the brain, body, movement and therefore, herself forever. Since completing the 4-year Professional Feldenkrais Training in 1987 she has been teaching the Feldenkrais Method® internationally in thousands of private sessions, week long seminars, and hundreds of week-end workshops and evening classes.

Eva loves to share her knowledge and passion for conscious movement and to help people improve and excel in all areas of their lives. She studied Dance in Holland at the prestigious Rotterdam’s Dance Academie and then went on to later study in New York City. She has trained in a wide range of dance forms such as: Ballet, Modern Dance, Post Modern Dance/Release Technique, Axis Syllabus, Body-Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, African Dance and currently Hula.

She taught Yoga Aerobics® in NYC in the 80’s before getting to know the Feldenkrais Method. Eva is currently a Capoeirista (Brazilian martial arts), a WaveContinuum practitioner and a choreographer. Besides her teaching Feldenkrais and leading Ecstatic Dance, she teaches Contemporary dance and the Qigong-Universal Tao of Mantak Chia.

生徒たちは、あらゆるレベルで健康に対するエヴァの誠実な取り組みを高く評価しています。 さまざまな動きの形式での経験豊富で、体の動きに対する、広い理解をもっています。

Eva Alewa Geuekeは、1987年以来、フェルデンクライス®認定講師です。 彼女は若いプロのダンサーとしてフェルデンクライスメソッド®に巡り合いました。そして、それにより、脳、体、動きに対する理解が永遠に変わりました。 1987年に4年間のプロフェッショナル・フェルデンクライス・トレーニングを修了以来、何千ものプライベートセッション、1週間にわたるセミナー、何百もの週末のワークショップや夜のクラスでフェルデンクライスメソッド®を国際的に教えてきました。

エヴァは、意識的な動きに対する知識と情熱を共有し、人々が生活のあらゆる分野で向上し、卓越するのを助けるのが大好きです。 有名なロッテルダムのダンスアカデミーでオランダのダンスを学び、その後ニューヨークへゆき、学び続けました。 バレエ、モダンダンス、ポストモダンダンス/リリーステクニック、アクシス・シラバス、ボディ・マインド・センタリング、コンタクト・インプロヴィゼーション、アフリカンダンス、現在はフラなど、幅広いダンス形式でトレーニングを行ってきました。

フェルデンクライスメソッドを知る前に、80年代にニューヨークでYogaAerobics®を教えました。 エヴァは現在、カポエイラ(ブラジルの武道)や、WaveContinuumの指導者であり、振付師でもあります。 フェルデンクライスを教え、エクスタティック・ダンスを指導するほか、コンテンポラリーダンスとマンタクチアのユニバーサルタオ・スタイルの気功を教えています。


Eriko Jones

Eriko serves as Still & Moving Center’s official Japanese/English translator, both in person and through our website. She is our contact person for all Japanese guests. She has traveled with and translated for our kumu hula (traditionally trained hula teacher) Mālia Helelā for since 2010. for since 2010. We prize Eriko’s warm graciousness as well as her excellent language skills.

Born in Tokyo and raised in Yokohama, Eriko moved to the USA in 1993 to attend college in San Diego, graduated from UCSD with B.S. Biology, and made her dream come true by becoming a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld! 

She also spent two years at a school in Los Angeles training to be an interpreter. With her American husband, their bilingual little boy, and many American and Japanese friends, she’s constantly working in both languages!

Eriko’s English/Japanese translation work, both written and spoken, has taken place in many settings: classes, workshops, in courts and law offices, hospitals, trade shows and business meetings. She does event planning and coordination, as well as marketing – mediating between the Japanese and English-speaking cultures.

Eriko is no ordinary translator. She goes into the ocean at sunrise for Hawaiian hiuwai ceremonies and hikes up mountains to interpret for hula dancers. She has spontaneously modeled clothing for our boutique and played a role of magician/deer in a public performance. She even emcee’d a hula performance at Ala Moana Center Stage!

As one of those rare individuals who has trained dolphins, Eriko evidently speaks not only English and Japanese, but a third language: Dolphin!

Eriko はスティル&ムービングセンターのオフィシャル通訳で、当センターのウェブサイトの翻訳や日本人ゲストからのお問い合わせなどにも対応しています。2010年から当センター専属のクム・フラ マリア へレラの通訳として日本やカウアイ島にも同行しました。我々はErikoの暖かく魅力的な人柄と素晴らしい言語能力スキルを高く評価しています。

イルカの調教をした事がある珍しい人物であるErikoは明らかに3ヶ国語を話します: ドルフィンズ (イルカ語)


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August 14, 2021,
3:30 pm - 6:30 pm HST
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