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ハワイ時間:土曜日2〜3pm (日本時間:日曜日9〜10 am)
Saturdays 2:00-3:00 pm HST/ 
Sundays 9:00-10:00 am JST 


ハワイ時間: 土曜日  2-3pm (日本時間: 日曜日  9-10am)






*バスタオルやブランケット 2つ


This gentle class focuses on self-care and fascia release. We will learn how to connect to the pelvic floor using breath and movement.

Karen healed her pelvic issues through therapeutic yoga movements. Her passion lies in helping other women bring healing through the pelvis, with the profound effects of moving (or being still) mindfully through daily life.

Each class will have a theme and overall goal of achieving optimal health through pelvic wellness and stability.

Suggested Props:  1 mat, 2 blocks, 1 yoga strap, 2 blankets or towels,1 bolster

Home Prop Alternatives: A short towel for yoga strap, thick books for blocks, travel coffee mugs wrapped in a towel for a block, 2 cushions or a rolled towel for a bolster


Karen Steward カレン・スチュワード




Karen stumbled upon yoga as a college student in California. Feeling the energy rise through her body in her first class, she was awakened to a whole new way of connecting to herself and living.  Karen received her first 200hr certification in Hatha Yoga from the Cloud Nine Yoga School in 2013.  She has taught Yoga with a focus on prenatal, postnatal, as well as pelvic wellness. 

After having children and suffering from pelvic issues, Karen turned to a practice focused on pelvic health and trained to receive her Pelvic Adjustment Yoga certification from Body Sense Institute in Japan in 2016. 

Off the mat, Karen can be found supporting her clients in her holistic health coaching community. Her passion lies in guiding clients to optimal health and to receive full support from the universe. 

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