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5 – Week Meditation Series

Sundays, 8:00 – 9:00 am HST

June 20 to July 25, 2021 (skipping July 4)



Have you ever wondered what was meant by the terms “chi” or “qi” tai-chi, or qigong, or the term “energy body”? How about the “pranic body” in reference to yoga? Have you been curious about what your “energy body” might actually feel like?

In this 5-week specialty practice series, Dr. Miku Lenentine and her husband Luke will guide you through a series of relaxing and nourishing techniques to hone your senses and invite you into a deeper awareness of your pranamaya kosha (sometimes translated as the ‘energy body’).

This practice is restorative, educational, and fun! Discover how to “feel” the chi in our bodies. As author John Grey once said, “what we feel, we can heal.” Learning to sense this aspect of ourselves creates an opportunity to invite our energy body into greater balance so that we might experience more peace, deeper calm, and greater access to optimal functioning in our lives.

Each session will open with a short-form anamaya kosha (physical body) meditation and close with a qigong “washing” exercise.

By the end of the 5 weeks, we hope you will be able to feel something of your own subtle energy, at least more than you were able to before. We can’t, of course, guarantee that you will sense anything, but 5 weeks of continuous focus will put you on the path.

This offering is for everyone, from beginners to advanced practitioners. We hope this series will enhance all of the movement and stillness practices you already participate in and add a new dimension of focus in your tai chi, yoga, and qigong classes.

Miku Lenentine

Miku is deeply passionate about living in harmony with the self, others and all beings. She truly believes that each one of us contains the seeds of wisdom for the universe and the true purpose of being a teacher is to help guide each person to access the wisdom they already hold within themselves.

An experienced meditation practitioner and circle facilitator, Miku was raised in a mindfulness tradition and has trained with Dr. Eric Carroll at the Center for Vibrant Living for the past 10 years. She has guided weekly meditation, movement, and community dialogue circles since 2013 and facilitated a number of workshops in the greater Seattle area over the years most recently including Soulshine, Songaia, and Star Community. She has also presented mindfulness, yoga, and movement offerings at festivals and gatherings such as Beloved, Flowstate and the Northwest Permaculture Convergence.

Miku is delighted to have moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, which she finds strangely similar to her birthplace, Alaska.


Luke Lenentine

Luke is an experienced corporate mindfulness facilitator, meditation practitioner, and self-realization coach. He has designed and implemented mindfulness programs at large-scale and Fortune 500 companies, as well as consulted with small businesses and community organizations to cultivate mindfulness programs that align with the organization’s mission and purpose.

Luke first began his practice of Advaita Vedanta in 1996 while working for a Fortune 500 company. He instantly recognized the opportunity for mindfulness in the workplace and began taking up weekly Satsang practice as a student of Rishi Rajiv (student of Papaji, who was a student of Ramana Maharshi). In 2012 Luke began his study of Holacracy and uncovered the final pieces for his skill set in transferring the unique and additive experiences of self-realization and mindfulness into the corporate world. 

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