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Fridays, 9:15 – 10:15 am HST
Sep 3 to Oct 29, 2021


This class offers an active flow to build heat, strength and flexibility, as well as a grounding and steadying cool down, easing into savasana. Practitioners use breath to connect the mind, body, and spirit in order to heal the body, calm thoughts, and build a deeper connection to the Self.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga is a series of asana (poses) that will move practitioners through the power of connecting breath and movement with the intention of finding freedom. Vinyasa movements flow smoothly and can often feel like a moving meditation, which explains why some refer to it as Vinyasa Flow or just Flow yoga.


Kendra Linker

In Kendra’s classes and coaching sessions, you get a warm welcome, thorough, detailed instruction and proper body alignment. Kendra helps you get centered, focused and gain a positive outlook!

In Kendra’s classes and coaching sessions, you get a warm welcome, with thorough, detailed instruction on technique and proper body alignment. Kendra helps you to center, focus and gain a positive outlook!

A yogini and a proud Nova Scotian, Kendra has completed her 500 hours of RYT yoga teacher training. She began her journey as an instructor of mindful movement in Panama City, Florida and has been steadily increasing and deepening her practices over her years on Oahu.

Kendra is a certified Wellness Coach with a Masters in Health & Wellness coaching. Kendra has completed Barre Fitness certifications through BarreAbove. She earned her Aerial Yoga Teacher Training from Carmen Curtis, Nia White Belt under Winalee Zeeb, besides training in Zumba and Turbokick.


“I absolutely love Kendra’s class. The whole class always has an amazing flow from warming up to intense work to cool down. I especially love that the class is always different. I can’t believe the wide variety of exercises Kendra has to offer! She explains everything very clearly and challenges me to work hard while still listening to my body.”- Janine Oshiro

“Kendra was awesome. Very patient and gave thorough instruction, as I was new to this style. Thank you for a great experience Kendra!” – Kari King

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