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Acupuncture with Bret Shimizu

1st Initial Consultation: 75mins/$125
Follow-up treatments:

Bret Shimizu

Bret is a graduate of the Institute of Clinical Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is certified in Seitai Shinpo, a Japanese Structural Acupuncture, which he learned from his teacher Dr. Chieko Maekawa. Bret apprenticed under Dr. Maekawa for 5 years in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii before moving to Honolulu. Bret integrates Japanese acupuncture with Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern acupuncture approaches such as scalp and ear acupuncture. He currently serves as President of the Institute of Clinical Acupuncture Research and Education Foundation (ICARE), a non-profit dedicated to advancing the acupuncture profession in Hawaii by creating clinical, educational and professional opportunities for acupuncturists.

Bret’s love for soccer took him to play at Stanford University. As an athlete with several injuries, he has found relief from pain and rehabilitation through acupuncture. He has also used acupuncture to recover from the physical, emotional and mental toll of a high-stress job in San Francisco. Seeing the immense benefits of the medicine, Bret is passionate about offering it to help others. Bret’s second love is meditation. He has lived and practiced at Zen and Theravada monasteries in California and Myanmar as well as sat several retreats. He enjoys integrating mindfulness and meditation into his acupuncture treatments when appropriate.

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