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Traveling Inwards- Spiral Fascial Flow Yoga Workshop DAY 1 – LIVE ONLINE with Asa Kubiak – 内への旅〜自分への思いやり〜スパイラル・フローヨガ〜筋膜リリース&デトックス・ワークショップ1 – ライブオンライン with エイサ・クビアック  in English & Japanese (日英両語で開催。)

October 23, 2021, @ 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm HST

Day 1:    October 23, 2021

4:30 – 6:30 pm HST/ 日本時間:1024( )                                                           11:30am-1:30pm

Price: $55 for one workshop –  $95 for two workshops

料金:55ドル(ワークショップ1回分) / 95ドル(ワークショップ2回分)

20% discounts to Golden and Platinum circle members on single workshops


(日本語:下記参照)– see below for Japanese

Traveling Inwards / Kindness to Self

How often do we criticize, judge, push or talk to ourselves in an unkind and harsh manner?

That was me for most of my life as a competitive athlete and high-level Cirque du Soleil performance artist. Of course this is one way to continue to strive towards excellence and push the envelope and become “better.” Yet, it can also come with a high price.

When I decided to retire from my touring lifestyle traversing the world, and explore more deeply within, it was like opening Pandora’s Box. So much “junk” was stuffed inside. Mental and physical wear and tear, scar tissue, and energetic imprints from physical injuries and emotional traumas were abundantly present, creating patterns in my behavior, my body, thought patterns and the way I was living my life.

In the process of clearing out, healing and integrating various aspects of myself, which still continues to this day, spiral and fascial-based yoga has been one of the most powerful and transformative tools for me.

Four years ago I met one of my dearest mentors Beta Lisboa, founder of “Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga.” She introduced me to my fascia and spirals for the first time, and over these years I have experienced numerous “aha” moments and breakthroughs while continuing to study with her and her partner, Sai Calder.

As I learn and grow and do my best to show up daily as a better version of myself, fascial and spiral-based movement has helped me maintain a more conscious, aligned and healthy body and mind. It has also helped me be more loving, kind, and compassionate with myself, and in turn with the world around.

The magic of spiral & fascial-based movement Beta & Sai showed me along with my experiences as a professional performance artist, aerialist, acrobatic coach and certified Vinyasa yoga teacher are what comprise my teachings today. Through sharing my passion for conscious movement I have seen people make contact with their body in a most tender, intimate and conscious way that allows for shifts in perception as well as shifts in our physical and energetic selves.

Fascial awareness can allow access to parts of us that have lain dormant or need to be released, and give it expression through movement, breath, sound, laughter & sometimes even tears. And learning to move with fascial fluidity and using spirals is a most nourishing and holistic approach to our body temple.

Come join me on this 2-hour journey to access, contact, shed loving awareness on our inner being with a little extra TLC and enjoy the lightness of being that you are sure to experience!

This workshop is an invitation to delve deep inside your body as an adventurer. Shining the light of conscious awareness within & upon all parts of your body from your fingertips to the tips of your toes.

You will be given tools and guidance to explore:

Connecting to sensations that arise in the body with curiosity and loving awareness

  • Moving with ease and grace in spirals and circular motions
  • Learning the basics of moving with fascial awareness and fascial fluidity 
  • Toning and detoxifying your fascia, organs and entire body 
  • Moving in congruence with your body’s natural flow 

By releasing tension held in the fascia, you will also be hydrating and conditioning your fascial system, expanding your range of motion, and stimulating the circulation of blood flow and energy. Twisting and wringing out, “spiraling the body,” promotes detoxification of tissues and organs and the burning of excess fat. Through spiral and fascial awareness, you can create fluidity and freedom in your body and move in a fashion that is aligned with your body’s organic flow.                            

Using the breath and movements based on yoga, qigong, gyrotonics, and mobilization practices you will make contact from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers in a most aware and connected way. As you delve deeper, many discoveries are sure to await you.

The spiral is an innate language of movement that governs our natural world. It can be found in all forms of life from DNA, to seashells, snails, the way plants grow and blossom, how water flows down a drain, how galaxies move, and how Kundalini energy rises. As we are born into this world, we come out of our Mother’s womb twisting and spiraling into existence. Such spiraling motions are an instinctive way for humans to move, yet modern beings have come to move in mostly a linear fashion.

Fascia is a thin band or sheet of connective tissue that holds together our bones, coats the muscles & muscle bundles, and wraps even our organs. Fascia is also sometimes called our soft skeleton that supports our body and covers it like a wetsuit. It has a three-dimensional structure that interconnects to all of our systems from the surface to the deepest layers.

Fascia is made up primarily of collagen fibers and can contain up to 85% water. It is also a giant sensory organ that stores all kinds of memories. Past experiences, emotions, stresses, worries, and daily living habits get stored in our fascia as patterns.

Enjoy a journey inwards into your inner being & body as you move with spiral fascial fluidity.

I look forward to sharing moments of joyous embodiment as we delve deeper within!



スポーツの選手時代から、そしてシルク・ドゥ・ソレイユのパフォーマンス・アーティストとして経験を積んだ後も、そのように過ごすことがほとんどでした。もちろん自分を高めるために努力を続け、自分の限界を超えて “より良く” なるための一つの方法かもしれませんが、その結果、高い代償を伴うこともあります。

ツアー生活から引退し、自分の内面をより深く探求しようと決めたとき、それはまるでパンドラの箱を開けるようなものでした。 中にはたくさんの「ガラクタやゴミ」が蓄積していました。長年にわたり溜まっていた心身の磨耗、疲労、怪我や感情的なトラウマから生じたブロック・パターンが私の行動、身体、思考など、人生の生き方に強く影響していたガラクタです。


4年前、大切なメンター・師匠であり、”Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga “の創始者として知られるベタ・リスボア氏に出会いました。筋膜とスパイラルを紹介してくれましたベタとパートナーのサイ・カルダー氏のもとで数年間、学び続けながら、飛躍的に進歩してきました。 










  • 自身の身体の自然な流れに沿って動くことの意味。
  • 好奇心と愛に満ちた意識を持ち、身体に生じる感覚につながる方法。
  • スパイラルや円形を使って楽に、優雅に動く方法。
  • 筋膜を意識した動きと筋膜の流動性の基本を学ぶ。
  • 筋膜、内臓、身体全体の調子を整え、デトックスする。 













Asa Kubiak エイサ・クビアック


Asa is internationally active as an aerial arts & movement coach, yoga teacher, multidisciplinary performance artist, and Reiki master who works in both English and Japanese. Her unique approach to movement integrates the many years of her personal experience as a competitive athlete, world-class performer, yoga practitioner, and coach.

In her work, she hopes to share the wonders, joy and the healing nature of self-expression through mindful movement; and to facilitate opportunities for people to connect to their authentic self. 

Born in the United States and raised in Kyoto, Japan, Asa is bilingual in English and Japanese and speaks conversational French.

Asa is now a certified instructor in Vinyasa Yoga and AirYogalates and a Reiki Master. She currently teaches fascial-based movement and yoga. She offers classes, workshops and sessions both in person and online.  She is also available for creative projects as a performance artist, coach and English/Japanese translator/interpreter.


  • Joined Cirque du Soleil’s touring show “Quidam” 
  • Joined Cirque du Soleil’s touring show “Corteo” 
  • 2014 Retired from the stage- Asa began to delve deeper into the inner realms of the human body, mind and soul connection dedicating her time to studying yoga, meditation, mindfulness and various healing modalities whilst coaching and performing internationally.



ヴィンヤサ・ヨガエアヨガラティスの認定インストラクター、レイキ・マスターとしても認定されています。現在は筋膜ベースのムーブメントとヨガを教え、クラス、ワークショップ、セッションは対面型とオンラインの両方で提供。 パフォーマンス・アーティスト、コーチ、日英翻訳/通訳など幅広い分野のクリエイティブなプロジェクトで活躍中。



シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユのツアーショー  QUIDAM VICE VERSA 1000 回以上のショーに出演。  

シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユのツアーショー CORTEO LUSTRE に出演し2度目のワールドツアーに参加。 

2014 CORTEO を引退し、世界各地でコーチングやパフォーマンスを行いながら、ヨガ、瞑想、マインドフルネス、さまざまなヒーリング様式を学び、人間の身体、心、スピリットのつながり、そして人間の内なる領域を探究し始める。


“It was such a joy to discover Asa’s teaching in March when she started teaching a series of lessons in Kyoto. She brings her unique professional performance experience to every teaching moment, guiding us to be aware of our own feelings and sensations. Her soothing voice conveys the detailed instructions one expects in a yoga lesson, flawlessly switching back and forth between English and Japanese. Asa uses metaphors and words of intention that have helped deliver me into a transformative body-mind space where I can discover and express feelings that have lain dormant. I started practicing yoga in 1980 after suffering a knee injury from dance training, and feel fortunate to have found a yoga teacher who is an inspiration and a true master.” – Richard Hodge, USA/ Japan

“It was a wonderful class, and everyone enjoyed it very much. The natural flow of Asa’s English and Japanese was wonderful.  Everyone was amazed at her way of using beautiful words.  It was so healing! I really like how she brings awareness to spiral movements and understands the importance of working on fascia. I’m really looking forward to attending more of Asa’s classes.”

– Eriko








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October 23, 2021,
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm HST
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