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Thursdays 7:15 – 8:15 PM HST

Cultivate your authentic life force energy though this 60 minute free-flow dance experience of music, movement, and magic. Get out of your head to stimulate movement creativity. Enhance physical conditioning, self-healing, true listening and emotional self-awareness.

As a Nia Black Belt, 2nd Degree, Krista Hiser is a conscious dance facilitator and ecstatic dance aficionado who curates a unique musical soundscape for each session. The experience is free form, lightly guided. Your choices determine what type of conditioning you may experience: physical conditioning, emotional and self-knowledge, stress-reduction, listening skills, music appreciation, and increased energy. We close each session with a somatic gratitude reflection.

Practiced weekly, Nia Freedance can tune your emotional awareness, align your energetic system, stretch and release your body, and increase your connection to the Joy of Movement.

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Krista Hiser

When I stepped into my first Nia class, I thought “this is it!” It was like a cool dance party, except it was 9 am, and in a gym. I could get fit, have fun, and wear cool pants! For me, Nia is the ultimate in efficiency: in one hour, I get a physical workout, a mental re-set, an emotional experience through music, and an energizing connection to my sacred purpose on the planet. It’s a workout, a dance party with friends, and a therapy session wrapped into one amazing hour! Nia is THE 21st century fitness modality! In my classes, I create an energetic, athletic experience for every-BODY, grounded in the joy of movement, clarity of the 52 moves, freedance, and luxurious floorplay and relaxation.

My style is athletic, creative, and zany. I teach Nia from my heart and I’m usually surprised at what comes out. I love to play with the spirit and energy of the group – each class is a unique co-creation that will never happen again! I am committed to Nia as a personal practice, and I teach it as a cumulative subject of inquiry. You can just show up to work out and break a sweat, but if you really choose Nia, my classes can be a catalyst transformative change. I am here to empower each participant to love their body and their life, and to impact our community and the world by doing whatever it is they do, and doing it better! At Still and Moving, the Athletic Nia class is 15 minutes longer, allowing a sustained cardio peak and additional time for conditioning floorplay and strength work.

In Nia, “Athletic” refers to options that can leave the ground with a jump, or press into the floor with a push up. I teach Athletic Nia by modeling the edge of Nia choreography and adding improvisational bursts of energy and freedance. But the words you will hear most out of my mouth are: “you choose,” and “here’s an option,” making even my most athletic class accessible and inspiring for all.

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