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Most Wednesdays @ 7:30 – 9:00pm 
(except Milonga nights)

Imbued with passion and nostalgia through improvisation and play, Argentine tango immediately affects the participant. A social dance, meant to offer opportunities for connection, tango is a dance for two to dance as one. Learn from a rotating stable of teachers under the auspices of Stewart Yerton and his Milonga Calle La Reina. No previous dance experience or partner required.

Monthly Milongas (social Tango gatherings are held at Still & Moving Center one Wednesday per month). Please, see the teacher for details.

Stewart Yerton

Like many tangueres, Stewart believes Argentine tango is fundamentally about connection: with the self, moment, music and another person. Each tango is a three-minute collaboration, two people telling a story with improvisational play. And to Stewart, play is key. While practiced traditional tango movements provide vocabulary and structure, they offer endless possibilities for spur-of-the-moment creativity.   

Although Stewart has danced tango socially for years, his growth as a dancer accelerated during the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic. With social dances and schools everywhere shut down, Stewart and his dance partner Patricia Serafini began a rigorous online and in-person training program with Maximiliano Copello and Raquel Makow, with additional training by Josefina Stellato and Ekaterina Semenova, formerly of DNI Tango in Buenos Aires. This work led to a deeper understanding of tango, which Stewart and his friends are eager to share.

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