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January 2 – January 23, 2024
Tuesdays 4:00 – 5:00 pm 

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Invite your keiki to explore vertical space on two different pieces of aerial apparatus: the aerial hammock and the lyra – a hanging steel hoop.

Kids, come increase your proprioception! “My what?!?” Your proprioception is your ability to tell where your body is in space, whether upright or upside down! You get to climb, twist, turn, invert and hang – safely without your parents nagging you to “get down off there!”

Increase your confidence as you develop coordination, concentration, balance and strength. “Hanging” with Katharine is always a fun-packed learning experience, a chance to bring a friend along, an opportunity to meet new friends!

Parents, kindly let your child’s instructor know of any injuries. Contra-indications for aerial classes: glaucoma, heart-conditions, fused spine, pregnancy/postpartum without doctor clearance.
Clothing requirements: tight-fitting; no zippers or metal; under-arms covered. Jewelry off. T-shirt on! No perfume.

Please pre-register for all aerial classes at least an hour in advance and arrive 15 minutes early to ensure you can safely enjoy the class and have the chosen apparatus that you want set up. Since space is limited and setup time is necessary, we are not able to accommodate late arrivals to Aerial classes.

If you sign up and do not show up to this limited-space aerial class, you will still be charged for the class if we turned some else away.

Katharine Harts


Katharine brings her bright smile and effervescent spirit to every class! She loves helping students find their connection to health and self-expression through these amazing human bodies we live in.

Katherine certified as an AIReal Yoga™ instructor with found Carmin Curtis herself. For  over a decade at her Center for Embodied Spirituality, LLC in Marin County, California, Katharine taught hundreds of aerial and dance students. Utilizing various aerial props such as trapeze, hammock and lyra, she loves teaching dance and improvisation in an aerial setting (See soullovesthebody.com).

Katharine’s background in movement runs deep and wide. As a dance and fitness educator, she is certified in aerial yoga, many somatic disciplines and the MELT Method Bodywork. She holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Arizona, is a graduate of the Tamalpa Institute where she studied with dance pioneer, Anna Halprin.

Some of Katharine’s professional performance experience includes Liz Lerman Hallelujah Project, ORTS Theater of Dance, Body Prints Theatre, Zenith Dance Collective, Anna Halprin’s “Spirit of Place” Stern Grove 2009 and UpSwing Aerial Dance Company National Dance Week Performance 2014-2018.

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