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Contributed by Alice Inoue.

Every thought you have directly impacts your experience of life.  We think we see the world through our eyes but in fact, we see the world through our thoughts. When we use the power of our mind to affirm and focus on  the direction we truly want to go, we alter our internal world, which in turn makes us see our external world differently.  Here three of my favorite affirmations that you can use to nurture the seeds of positive thoughts within you.

AFFIRMATION: My perspective is completely in my control. My power lies in seeing my challenges as a positive benefit.

Alice: When we are challenged by something, all we can think about is how bad it is. This prompts us to look for all the disadvantages of the situation and find more things to support the negativity we are feeling.  This leads to a very warped view and horrible feeling inside and you end up suffering.  You may think you can’t help it but you actually can.  By being conscious.  During challenging times, it helps to remember that you can look at it from other perspectives.  Choose the ones that make you feel better, rather than worse.  

AFFIRMATION: My whole life has prepared me for what lies ahead. Everything I experience propels me towards my highest purpose.

Alice:  Life does not always go the way we want.  We have disappointments, let downs, and extremely challenging situations that don’t make sense in the moment.  We often wonder, “WHY did this happen to me?!” This affirmation is to remind you that no matter what you experience, whether a good experience or bad challenge, that it’s leading somewhere and “naught for not.”  Life gives us what we need to move towards our highest purpose which is to be the best person we can be with all our skills honed, our fears released and our greatest potential shining before us as we move our lives toward more love, inspiration and joy.

AFFIRMATION: Rather than the part of me that fears a negative outcome, I allow the enlightened part of me to be my guide.  

Alice:  We all have two parts to us. The core of who we are is trusting, loving, fearless, visionary, balanced and is the pure essence of love.  We have another part of us that protects us. Some call it the ego, but it likes to look at the downside, and will bring up all the things that could go wrong, that might go wrong, and that needs to be protected and defended.  When we live our life listening to this voice in our head, we limit ourselves. We play safe and small and it doesn’t feel good.  Use this affirmation to remind yourself to listen to the voice of possibilities and love.

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