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Inspired by Kodama Koi Farm

Kodama offers beauty to the world by raising lovely, brilliantly-colored fish. This is what they love, have been doing for half a century, and do best! Meeting Taro, the president of Kodama Koi Farm, I got the deep sense of a person doing exactly what he loves and is called to do in this lifetime.

Nishikigoi translates to a Japanese koi of a special, brocade coloring, similar to rich silk fabric with beautiful patterns: traditional fabric of the kimono worn in Japan. Much like a snowflake, each of these special creatures possess unique and elegant markings. Nishikigoi represent living beauty… their graceful movement and unique look leave a deep and pleasing impression, bringing a peaceful joy to many.

Each of us has special skills and gifts to offer the world. Whether it’s the way we make others feel when we smile, or how we relate to little children and elders, whether it’s the music we make or the vegetables we grow, the meals that we prepare or how we take care of animals or our homes, or how we present ourselves as beautifully as a flower, we can all enjoy and offer beauty to the world. And doing so makes us feel good.

Sometimes we try to be someone we are not and fit a square peg into a round hole. Following Kodama Koi Farm philosophy let’s concentrate on what we know, what we are good at, and on sharing that with others. We we answer our life callings, world benefits and we realize a deep sense of satisfaction.

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