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 By Murat Demirtas 

My goal, every day, is to see the colors, see the flowers, to make myself happy. Don’t see the dirt, the trash… see the colors of life! Even when we eat, let’s eat colorful food. When we get dressed, put on colorful clothing. That approach makes me happier, more positive, and healthier.

Naturally, that way of living started for me in Hawai’i.
Look at the flowers, all the colors of ocean.
The trees’ flowers fall and scatter colors everywhere.
People get paid money to do that for weddings, to bring colors.

Where I came from, in Turkey, people don’t look for colors like I am suggesting. They are fighting for their lives. They just don’t see the colors.

In Hawai’i, my life changed a lot, so I started seeing colors. We don’t have a bleak, dead winter here on the islands. How special! In Europe people have seasonal colors of the trees and blossoms, but If they want constant color, they have to pay for it.

What you wear should be colorful. Enjoy the colors that the islands offer us as well.

If you can focus on the colors in times of doubt, you will make your life brighter.

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