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 By Sarah Hodges

Try this. When you wake up in the morning (or even after a long time of sitting) try extending and flexing your arms and legs. The movement doesn’t have to be exaggerated or extreme, just a simple reach with the ankles and toes, or expanding your fingers. If a yawn comes out at the same time, even better. 

Science says this natural movement, called pendaticulation, helps to maintain integrity in our soft tissue myofascial system. [See link]

I started doing this every morning before I got out of bed. I’m now a firm believer. When doing this, I can feel an electrifying, releasing sensation going up and down my arms and legs. Sometimes this even brings a satisfying smile. 

Imagine a cat getting up after lying down. The first thing it does – pendaticulation. 

It feels great and can actually help keep us limber longer through our lifetime. 

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