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Restore Your Unconscious Breathing: a Buteyko Breathing Workshop – LIVE ONLINE, Interactive with Marla Waal

March 13, 2021, @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm HST

Restore Your Unconscious Breathing: a Buteyko Breathing Workshop​ – LIVE ONLINE, Interactive with Marla Waal

March 13, 2021
10:30 – 12:30 am HST  (1:30 – 3:30 pm PDT)


Are you interested in finding ways to restore your nervous system, reduce anxiety, and boost your immune system? Do you suffer from asthma, obstructive sleep apnea, loud snoring, seasonal allergies, or ongoing fatigue? Buteyko Breathing is a method that can gradually reverse these symptoms and restore your 24/7 breathing to be soft and silent. Marla Waal is a certified Buteyko Educator.

 In this 2 hour workshop you learn both the ‘nuts and bolts’ of this practice and why it works. You will explore the science of respiration as well as how our breathing is a reflection of nearly every aspect of our lives.  

Understanding the science of breath will help motivate you to practice 10-20 minutes a day. Marla provides you with clearly outlined practice information.

Marla is also available for individual support and instruction either through one-on-one sessions, or her weekly Breath Oasis class. 

Buteyko Breathing Technique

A Russian doctor named Konstantin Buteyko noticed that the soldiers returning from war had a specific breathing pattern that accompanied their PTSD. This breathing was a form of silent, nearly invisible hyperventilation. His doctors diagnosed Dr. Buteyko with a heart condition and gave him only a 12 months of remaining life. He discovered that if he induced hyperventilation his symptoms increased. His life-changing discovery led him to establish a program with the following elements: 

  • Switching from mouth breathing to nasal breathing
  • Relaxation of the diaphragm until an air shortage is felt
  • Small lifestyle changes commencing the road to full recovery.

Dr. Buteyko spent the rest of his life (another 51 years after his break-through!) in research and treatment, developing ways to change unconscious breathing away from this stressed breathing back to a healthy rhythm that would restore people’s health. His method was getting noticed in the 1980’s for ‘curing’ asthma and has been the focus of many successful clinical trials. Many Buteyko patients become teachers because it has been so life changing for them… including Marla herself.

Marla Waal

Marla was a professional dancer, trained in classical ballet among other styles. Based out of Montreal, then later Chicago, she travelled the globe performing and teaching. In 1998 she began to study various styles of yoga, from extremely gentle restorative, to more vigorous Ashtanga. Marla then studied Pilates with Diane Miller, Dynamic Anatomy with Eric Franklin, ELDOA Method created by Guy Voyer and more recently Buteyko Breathing created by Russian Doctor Konstantin Buteyko.

Marla is passionate about helping people feel more free and strong in their bodies by educating and directing them to learn through practice, and by sharing tools that promote independence.  She lives in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada with her two children. 

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March 13, 2021,
10:30 am - 12:30 pm HST
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